Orbis Protect partners with E.ON to tackle the UK’s housing shortage problem

The vacant property provider Orbis Protect and energy supplier E.on have joined in partnership to tackle the shortage of housing in the UK, by bringing empty homes back in use.


With over 600,000 homes empty in the UK and over 200,000 of which have been declared long-term empty properties. The scheme offers help to owners of properties that haven’t been lived in from anywhere between six months to 10-15 years. It will also Provide will provide specialist clearance and cleaning of any empty properties, externally and internally.

There are a number of reasons why private property owners leave homes empty and there are varying conditions and states of repair that we can help with. Sometimes people feel there is too much to do, they don’t have the time or the skills to bring the property up to standard. With our level of expertise, we can tackle anything from major clearance and cleaning, to vital safety checks.

Guy Other, CEO of Orbis Protect
image of CEO of Orbis Protect and E.ON


Orbis Protect has a skilled and experienced team already working with a number of social housing providers and deals with 100,000 empty properties each year. While making thorough checks, Orbis will also make sure the properties are safe and accessible for other service providers in order to bring the houses back to a decent standard.


E.ON is offering a free survey to private owners of empty properties to establish what is needed to bring the property back up to standard and once complete. While the Housing Solutions Manager of E.ON ‘Andrew Angus’ states.

Although we have been doing this for many years working, within the social housing and commercial sectors, it’s a skill we are easily able to transfer to private properties and we are really pleased to be working with E.ON and the council on this pilot scheme.

Andrew Angus, Housing Solutions Manager

New partnership for lone-worker protection

A new partnership of market-leading UK companies is set to greatly enhance the way UK employers provide technology to protect lone workers

Protection provider Orbis Protect has joined forces with Derbyshire-based workforce tech specialist TBS in a move that integrates lone worker security technology with users’ management platforms, making them accessible through a single device for the first time.

This partnership is expected to boost reliability and engagement levels with lone worker security technology, by providing users with a single point of access and avoiding the need for employees to have a second protection device. The solution integrates mobile workforce management and button alarms which lone workers can access using mobile devices to communicate with support teams if they require assistance.

Logo of TBS

This is the first time such a partnership has been set up in the lone worker protection industry. It could save major employers millions of pounds on providing lone workers with PDA devices, which are often underused.

Orbis Protect’s chief technology officer Shaun Wilcock said: “The services available to protect lone workers have evolved considerably over recent decades and we recognize that we need to lead the change that the industry needs to see.

“This new relationship with TBS is a ground-breaking development for the industry because it streamlines processes and provides users who work alone without direct supervision with the software to get jobs done more quickly. This has significant bottom-line benefits for employers and ultimately helps to keep users safer.”

Orbis Protect provides devices for more than 30,000 people who work alone every day, using sophisticated technology backed up by a responsive, knowledgeable support team. Clients include Ocado, the NHS, Transport for London and a large number of leading housing providers. TBS’ workforce management platform, provides features including mobile working, scheduling, job planning, Internet of Things and real-time management of an organization’s workforce.

Jon Poynton, TBS managing director said: Organisations today have a legal duty of care to protect their lone workers and colleagues who work alone. Our partnership with Orbis Protect will offer a smart solution to a long-standing challenge faced by the lone worker protection sector. 

“We think this will have far-reaching consequences, by offering users a much easier way to provide details about their location, communicate with members of a support team and ultimately ensure workers’ safety.

“We’re delighted to be part of the partnership and look forward to working with Orbis Protect and its partners to provide an even better service.”