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Alarms Systems

Protect your site or property with our versatile range of alarm systems

Our advanced range of alarm systems provide the ultimate protection for sites requiring internal or external monitoring. Our systems can be quickly installed anywhere in the UK by our accredited team, securing your premises within hours.

Our alarm systems are monitored by our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Any activations are instantly scrutinised by our experienced staff and agreed protocols are actioned without delay. This intelligent footage review eliminates false alarms, reducing unnecessary costs..

A range of advanced alarm systems for the ultimate in property protection



Feature-rich PD6662 compliant and Grade 2 certified alarm system Feature-rich PD6662 compliant and Grade 2 certified alarm system

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Videofied and Videofied Plus

Flexible, mains-free all-purpose alarm systems

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HD coverage in an all-purpose outdoor alarm system

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Versatile main-free indoor alarm system

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Why choose Orbis?

Some key benefits include –

  • Over 40 years’ experience securing properties and sites in a wide range of sectors
  • Free site survey to scope and plan your optimal deployment.
  • Significantly reduce costs by renting, rather than purchasing upfront.
  • All maintenance included within the rental agreement.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring through our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • A truly national service team that can be rapidly deployed to any UK location.

A selection of alarms can also be fitted with an electronic SelectaDNA spray system, linking criminals to their crime scenes through state-of-the-art synthetic DNA technology, enabling police to later identify intruders or assets. The SelectaDNA signage also provides a highly effective visual deterrent against crime.

Specification Ajax Videofied Plus Videofied Verifeyed iTrap
Location Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor Indoor
Mains Power Required Yes No No No No
Base Station Battery Life
Span (Before Recharge)
12 hours (main back-up)
3 months (external)
Up to 4 Years Up to 4 Years Up to 1 Year ‘Always On’
(Solar panel Accessory)
Up to 2 Years
Video / Image Capture Image Capture Video Capture Image Capture Image Capture None
Video Analytics
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
PIR Detection Range 12m 12m 12m 35m 12m
Camera Image Quality 640x480 320x240 320x240 1920x1080 N/A
Average Image
Transmission Speed
9 seconds Live video 3 minutes Thumbnail 5 seconds
Full HD Quality 30 seconds
Customer Portal / App
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
System Health Check
60 seconds 12 hours 12 hours 1 hours 12 hours
Communication Paths Dual Sims
Single Sim Single Sim Single Sim Single Sim
Flood Alert Option Yes No No No Yes
Fire Alert / Smoke
Yes Yes Yes No Yes



Kinetic Demolition

“In addition to the latest technology they provide, we are always delighted by their responsiveness and the second nature of their safety culture. I will continue to use Orbis for any upcoming projects.”

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