Aura – Smart Online Property Management


Our one-stop-shop approach to vacant property management means that we support our customers with a number of services from clearing, cleaning, securing and monitoring a void building, dealing with repairs and regularly inspecting the site to making the property ready for re-occupation or demolition.

Customers often need a quick turnaround of a void property to bring in new tenants and gain the maximum value for the property. Through Aura, our real-time on-line property management system, property owners have instant access to information about their properties allowing you to track maintenance, security and cleaning progress and arrange visits for prospective tenants at appropriate times. Aura provides holistic empty property reporting.

Aura also includes real-time information about alarm activations, for both people and properties and provides a clear audit trail for insurance purposes, including before and after pictures of repair work. Property owners use Aura to monitor current situations together with expenditure and analyse trends over time.


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