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Case Study: Freedom Community Project


  • We currently provide Freedom with our RedAlert Smartphone App to help keep their staff safe when working with vulnerable people within the community
  • This solution allows for complete flexibility where users can be increased or decreased very quickly whenever demands changes within their team
  • By offering this type of flexible and reactive service, we were able to provide additional support for another short-term project over the winter period within just a few hours

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

Freedom provides benefit and debt advice along with housing and mental health support for vulnerable people suffering with poverty in the North East Midlands and Yorkshire regions.

Due to the nature of their work, staff often find themselves work within challenging environments and facing a variety of risks when working in the community. These risks could include personal injury, such as slips, trips and falls, or medical assistance, but the highest risk when working with vulnerable individuals is risk of physical and verbal abuse.

Providing Real Solutions

We provide their team with a robust, fully managed lone worker solution in the form of an App on their smartphones, this gives the end user a discrete and easy way of raising a silent alarm. In an emergency, our ARC operators will monitor the situation and respond accordingly, this could be simply to provide support and reassurance, or a call to the emergency services.

On occasions when staff may just feel vulnerable in a situation, they can speak to our team under our ‘Stay with me’ service which enables our ARC Operator to stay with the user until they feel in a safer situation. This reassures staff members that our team are available to support them 24/7/365 no matter what the situation may be.

We also provide Freedom with a web management portal to ensure their employees are complying with Freedoms lone worker policy. This online portal allows Brighter Future’s management team access to all aspects of their lone worker team including device utilisation, user information, activations and downloadable reports, which are vital for managing and maintaining the safety of their team.

During the training stage for staff, we provide training for escalation contacts and users of the web portal. This extra measure ensures that all key stakeholders are involved, and all individuals understand their role in helping to maintain safety whilst at work. Our training is tailored for each user group and designed to be flexible and easily accessible with a package that covers multiple training options. These options include face-to-face classroom style sessions, web-based training, e-learning, training videos and PDF user guides.

“The App gives our team the security they need whenever they are lone working. The App also allows the management team to know that our team have the systems they need to keep them safe.” Mark North, CEO Freedom Community Project

Results That Matter

We provide Freedom with a lone worker service that gives their staff the added confidence and peace of mind to be able to operate efficiently within their day-to-day roles. By conducting initial device trials with their teams, we are confident that our solution provides their staff with a 24/7 support service, that’s perfectly matched to their needs.

The service that we provide allows for quick and easy deployment of the service alongside flexible training methods and the ability to add additional users quickly when required. For example, they recently required an additional temporary solution for a short-term project over the winter when providing emergency support to the homeless, which we activated within just a few hours.

By working closely with the Freedom team, we have created a great working relationship which allows us to ensure that our services are performing to expectation. We continue to hold regular meetings and training sessions to gain vital feedback and address any queries regarding our service.

About Freedom

Freedom Community Project is a Christian charity that was set up in 2008 to support people who are struggling with poverty in Bolsover. Since then, the project has grown to cover the North East Midlands and Yorkshire with 14 support centers. The organisation has a small team of staff who enable their larger team of volunteers to deliver support across the area. 

For more information visit –

Women walking while using Lone Worker application

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