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Case Study: Power Park – Guards vs Tech

About Power Park

Power Park Nottingham is an impressive £54 million project featuring six substantial industrial units, collectively spanning over 426,000 square feet of unoccupied space. These units vary in size, with dimensions ranging from 30,000 to a sizable 146,000 square feet. The development also includes essential components such as loading bays, access roads and parking facilities.

Meeting our customers’ needs

These premises were newly constructed by a renowned industrial developer and upon reaching practical completion, there was a pressing need for a comprehensive turnkey security solution to safeguard the site against a range of threats, including the following –

  • Trespassers and squatters
  • Unlicensed music events
  • Theft or arson
  • Unauthorised occupation by the travelling community

Providing real solutions

Following a thorough site assessment, we worked with the client to deliver a security package that would enhance the security of their site and deliver significant cost reductions. The client was currently using 2 dog handlers on a 24/7 basis to secure this site, which was costing approximately half a million pound per year.

Our solution utilised a mixture of manned guarding alongside our advanced CCTV technology and access systems, which not only provided a much more comprehensive security solution, but also saved the customer over 46% on overall cost. Our security measures ranged from physical barriers, alarm equipment and state-of-the-art CCTV systems through to highly trained and experienced on-site officers to monitor and track any illegal activity within the site.

    Results that matter

    Our implemented security solutions have played a crucial role in enhancing the overall safety and resilience of the site whilst also saving our customer significant cost. Advantages over previous security measures include –

        • Continuous Surveillance
        • Rapid Response
        • Video Verification
        • Physical Deterrents

    Tim Smith, Asset Manager at Power Park stated –

    “I have worked with Orbis for several years across different roles and have always been delighted with their professionalism. Orbis were able to provide a desktop assessment initially, and then follow up with a comprehensive on-site assessment once the development was nearer completion. Their honest approach to providing a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution and service really helps me to keep within my budgets.

    Having a trustworthy and reactive security provider is of key importance, and I am pleased to say that Orbis have always excelled in the delivery of their services. One of the key issues of this appointment was the access required from a third party through the estate road, and the likelihood each unit would be leased individually. Orbis therefore had to come up with a flexible design to ensure access was permissible at all times and the removal and installation could be ad hoc with each unit without leaving the site unprotected at any time.”

    We were able to provide our client with a cost-effective solution to their security needs. The initiatives that we implemented also saved our customer significant time and expense arranging for multiple suppliers to provide the wide scope of services required.

    We work with our customers to deliver tailored security solutions based on their individual needs. Our vacant property and site security experts deliver a one-stop solution to help protect our customers assets, allowing them to focus their valuable time and resources on their core business.

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