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Case Study: Vodafone – Protecting Frontline Workers


  • Vodafone and Orbis partnered with NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) to provide their lone workers with a new solution to enhance their safety during work
  • Following the success of a 3-month trial, the new Lone Worker Protection service was then rolled out to 145 Health Courier Services employees cross Wales
  • There are opportunities to expand this partnership into other services across NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) to help protect even more of their workforce

Our Team – Warren Ottaway

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

The NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) support front line services across Wales with vital functions to help keep NHS Wales Health Boards and Trusts running. One major role is their Health Courier Service, who deliver everything from medical records to laundry, and from blood samples to vital drugs. And more recently, all-important PPE and COVID tests. Known as the ‘Wheels of the NHS’ in Wales, deliveries take place around the clock, to every hospital and Primary Care site in Wales. Working with Vodafone and partner Orbis, the organisation wanted a way to ensure staff and drivers feel safe when they’re on the road, so they rolled out the Lone Worker Protection solution.

Some of these miles are done outside of regular hours; with deliveries taking place in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, where there is less availability at the control centres. Whether it’s a routine delivery or a last-minute response, it’s critical that all items arrive on time, and it’s just as important that the drivers are safe, especially when working alone.

“Our staff often transport dangerous, high risk and valuable items, given the risks associated around collecting and delivering these items, it is imperative our operatives feel safe when conducting their duties and have an assurance that assistance can be summoned at the touch of a button, regardless of the time of day or night” says Gildas, Deputy Head of Supply Chain, Clinical Logistics and Transport at NHS Wales Shared Service Partnership.

Providing Real Solutions

“We needed an easy to roll-out solution that our staff would find easy to use, and Lone Worker Protection is just that.” says Gildas. Following the success of a three-month trial in 2020, NWSSP Health Courier Services rolled out the solution to 145 of their drivers.

Now, by triggering an Amber Alert, members of the team can leave a message with the response centre before they make a delivery, allowing operators monitor for any problems or support requests. The solution also offers a Red Alert, which connects immediately to specially trained operators who can listen in to what’s happening, assess the situation, and talk with drivers. It even gives them access to GPS data to find a couriers’ exact location, informing their team and the emergency services if needed.

Gildas organised a charity walk to Wales and England’s highest peak ‘Yr Wyddfa’ (Snowdon), by night.  Gildas said “as part of our training, we tested the device on route to the summit and received an immediate response”.

“Where better to test the solution, than Wales’s largest mountain? And it pinpointed my location to about one foot, which was very impressive.” said Gildas.

Joined by 33 others, including NWSSP colleagues, friends and Vodafone staff including account manager Kaja

Bronowska, Head of Public Sector Guy Matthews, and Head of Regional Business Athena Ainsworth we raised more than £8,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support, Wales, exceeding all expectations.

“The Lone Worker Protection solution has given our drivers peace of mind that they have support there if they need it. But not only that, it’s given the partners and families of our drivers’ peace of mind too. Now they know when their loved ones are working late at night or by themselves, that there’s an extra layer of protection. We’ve already been asked by others to talk about it and how it would benefit them in a rural area.” Said Gildas.

The project has also inspired NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) to think about devices and technology for lone workers in other areas of the organisation. Given the level of protection the Lone Worker Protection solution offers, it provides cover to all our resources, across Wales.

    Results That Matter

    Our advanced range of RedAlert lone worker solutions consist of a variety of devices and smartphone Apps that can be tailored to a wide variety of public and private sector teams. Employees who have access to these types of devices, can feel much safer and more confident within their day-to-day roles. High-risk jobs such as these are just one area where we can help to make a real difference.

    For more information, please get in touch with us today and we will be happy to help you.

    About our partnership with Vodafone

    We have worked in partnership with Vodafone for over 18 years, supplying lone working services, devices and smartphone applications to a range of Vodafone customers. We work together with Vodafone to uncover lone working opportunities and provide solutions that are perfectly matched to the customers’ needs.

    Vodafone Total Workforce Mobility in partnership with Orbis Lone Worker Protection offers a suite of mobile applications, technologies and services to help those who work in the field. The Orbis Lone Worker Protection Service makes it possible to provide mobile workers in potentially vulnerable situations to quickly receive aid and assistance. Find out more

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