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Tetra CCTV Tower

Improved site security with advanced 4 fixed HD safety solution for medium-sized or diverse sites.

The Tetra system is available as a mains-powered or self-powered version that strategically utilises solar energy to charge its on-board battery pack via our custom-manufactured panels – without compromising tower features or execution. It is equipped with four static bullet cameras with built in analytics which is used for detection purposes, Tetra covers an impressive 80m diameter range, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view which ensures multiple events are captured at the same time. Even in zero light conditions, the system delivers HD quality for unmatched clarity. The Tetra unit features a Blue/Red/White strobe light that acts as a visual deterrent within the intrusion zone.

Tetra Solar is a stable, emission-free, and robust solution suitable for installation on any site, anywhere.

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Why Choose Orbis?

Our 8 Step Process

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Our industry-leading security systems are designed in-house to continually innovate and keep ahead of market demands.

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We maintain control over the entire manufacturing process to ensure full accountability for the quality and efficiency of our systems.

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Our free security assessment provides a range of customer options tailored specifically to the needs of that site, rather than off-the-shelf products with limited capability.

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With over 200 vehicles and 25 depots across the UK, we can offer a truly local rapid response service to secure sites quickly and efficiently.

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Our 24/7 in-house Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) allows us to monitor and respond to threats within seconds, ensuring the highest level of security for our customers.

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Our service is fully inclusive of all maintenance and monitoring, ensuring one agreed cost and zero hidden charges over the entirety of the service.

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Our customers have direct access to their on-site systems and are provided a full monthly audit report for complete overview of their site security

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Following installation, we continue to perform regular system checks to ensure that all equipment on-site is fully optimised and performing efficiently.

Who is this tower for?

Our advanced Tetra towers are constructed with the latest innovations and an array of premium features. These towers aim to fulfil the needs of medium-sized varied projects seeking powerful security solutions that go beyond expectations.

Common sites for Tetra CCTV tower

  • Vacant properties
  • Construction and demolition sites
  • Energy sites and utility farms
  • Commercial and large residential sites
  • Civil Engineering sites

Key feature of the Tetra CCTV System

  • Smart Analytics – minimising false alarms
  • Full 360-degree fixed view – ensures multiple events are captured at the same time
  • Strobe lights- serves as a visual deterrent within the invasion zone.
  • 30 days HD recording- provides as evidence for security and H&S investigations
  • Events backed up for 12 months
  • Comprehensive service cover included within the weekly hire

Customisations available to fulfil all your requirements

Contact our experts for support or advice

Wide range of benefits

Our 7m tall towers offer the best deterrence against crime.
AI analytics help to filter out false alarms through advance object recognition.
Ability to operate off-grid when there is no site power or when site electricity / generators are powered down over the weekend in line with noise pollution regulations.
Our towers are a modular build and can be installed on the most difficult terrain.
Zero emission solar power ensures the most environmentally friendly option available
With 4G mobile network communication, our system ensures easy accessibility without the need for fixed customer communication.
Capture 30 days of high-definition recordings, serving as valuable evidence for security and health & safety investigations

Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Our ARC team, based at Riverside, manage and protect over 1,200 properties and sites? throughout the UK each year. Our experienced operators have direct Police control room access and can bypass 999 services, saving valuable seconds in the event of an onsite situation.

  • Wholly owned and managed by Orbis (no third parties involved – ensuring full accountability)
  • Operates 24/7/365 throughout the year
  • Military graded building security
  • Fully accredited BS5979 Cat II emergency service approved response
  • Data management standard: ISO27001:2013

Our modular tower system – For rapid deployment

  • STARVIS: Night
    vision technology

    Starvis, the cutting-edge night vision technology with which darkness is no longer a barrier. Harnessing the power of advanced imaging algorithms and infrared technology, Starvis delivers crystal-clear vision in the darkest of environments.

Included within our service

Fully comprehensive
maintenance package

Our expert technicians perform regular inspections to ensure our systems are functioning efficiently 24/7. This includes any battery changes, firmware and/or software upgrades. Additionally, we offer one free move per quarter to accommodate development progress and coverage requirements.


Customer access to site cameras in real-time through mobile, tablet or computer access

  • - Incident reports
  • - Activity log records kept for 12 months
  • - Our own ARC
  • - We provide key-holding / response service


No hidden data charges for client access. Additionally, we continue to back general surveillance in site operational hours and provide event data on request.

Optional extras

Fully customisable to address client / site needs. Multi service lines bundle packages available at a discount include – fly-tipping, clearance, landscaping services

“In a highly competitive space, Orbis are providing G4S with best-in-class solutions for rapid CCTV Tower deployment. Through their responsiveness and expertise, Optosafe is proving to be a valuable partner for G4S, with some exciting collaborations to come.”
G4S Monitoring Account Director - UK & Ireland

“Orbis CCTV Towers are undoubtedly the most advanced and reliable products in the market. Their ability to adapt and innovate establishes them as a leading manufacturer of rapid deployed CCTV products.”
First Response Group Commercial Director

“We use the Orbis Ultra Hybrid tower for our sites without power. It offers an excellent visual deterrent and complete reliability due to the advanced technology that drives their towers”
Permanex Development Director

“The Orbis Lite offers us a cost effective solution for our residential development sites, we especially like the audio challenge feature for scaring off intruders. We leave our security to their expertise.”
Property Road Developments Director



Willmott Dixon Holdings

“Whenever we need a specialist property management service, such as a property clearance, we know that Orbis will do the job well and keep their promises.”

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