Graffiti Removal

"Orbis offers excellent service costs. The service is very dependable and the attitude of the Orbis staff are very good. Orbis will respond quickly to any situation. Overall, I know that Orbis are very reliable."

City of Edinburgh Council

Graffiti Removal and Jet Washing

Graffiti can be upsetting and offensive and appear anywhere, at any time. Our graffiti removal teams respond quickly and are equipped to handle any job, no matter the size.

Studies have proven that one of the most effective methods of deterring graffiti is to remove it in less than 48 hours. Orbis has the expertise of a national commercial graffiti removal company, backed up by the experience of our local teams that can be mobilised at very short notice.

Our professional cleaning staff remove all types of graffiti including paint, aerosol and etching, taking care to reduce the damage to both the building and environment. As part of our service we also take before and after photos that can be viewed in real-time on our customer portal Aura.

Man spraying wall to remove graffiti - Graffiti Removal - Jet Washing

Rapid Power Graffiti Removal


Wall covered in large silver graffiti - needs cleaning


Same Wall but all graffiti cleaned off

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Since 1981 Orbis has continued to innovate, invest and lead. With a clear commitment to our customers to deliver exceptional quality and value, Orbis is the market leader providing property and people protection in a range of sectors with a diversified client base, and we have the credentials to back our excellent service.

Need help removing graffiti in your area, we have branches across the UK who can assess your requirements and provide quick quotations and deployment of services.

Send us a message and someone from your local area will be touch.

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