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National Vacant Property and People Protection 24/7

Specialist Cleaning

The Orbis specialist cleaning operatives are specifically trained to deep clean vacant properties, providing a discreet service where required. As skilled commercial cleaners they also remove mould and pests and provide clean-up following fires, floods and storms.

Fire Damage
Deep cleaning fire-damaged properties requires experience and expertise to remove not only the visible residue of the flames, but the associated odours too. Our teams then decontaminate the area, neutralise carbon deposits, and safely remove hazardous material. Our service extends to dealing directly with insurance companies, getting you back on track as quickly as possible.

Flood Damage
We have specialist flood recovery cleaning teams that are experienced at assessing and managing contaminated water and neutralising long-term threats. The team provides deep cleaning, sanitisation and ventilation of damaged premises and works quickly to reduce the potential of secondary damage, including mould and pest infestation.

Our specialist teams are always on call to remove hazardous storm debris and to erect temporary screens to keep your property secured from further damage.

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"Reliable, Quick, Efficient"

When we need Orbis they are always there, they don’t let us down.

- Jane (John West Contractors)