Property managers who have control over commercial properties face many risks and issues when any of their property portfolio become vacant. A change in legislation in 2015 which prevented squatters from targeting residential homes resulted in a drastic increase in commercial properties becoming the target. Commercial properties don’t only have squatters to worry about though, other criminal activity including graffiti, arson, theft also cause costly damage.

Orbis helps by taking a one-stop-shop approach to the facilities management of your vacant property portfolio. At the start our fully-qualified building surveyors will assess and recommend the best security solution, we will regularly inspect your property, clear and clean it if required, carry out appropriate maintenance work and then ensure the property is ready for re-occupation or demolition.

We are the longest deliverer of these services with over 35 years’ experience in working in partnership with property owners and agents together with facilities management service providers to provide empty property security solutions 24/7.

Want to speak to a helpful Orbis property expert, complete the quick contact us form and someone will get in touch either via email or phone to discuss your unique requirements.


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