Estate Agents

Numerous problems can affect privately-rented properties from invasion by squatters and attacks from vandals and graffiti artists to interest from arsonists, thieves and other criminals. Tenants themselves can also cause considerable damage, either inadvertently, by failing to ventilate the property leading to mould or leaving out food causing a pest infestation, or in some cases deliberately through vandalism.

Orbis has over 35 years’ experience working in partnership with property managers and estate agents to provide complete security over their empty properties.

Orbis’ tailored solution to the management of empty properties covers all your needs. Starting with fully-qualified building surveyors inspecting your property and recommending the right level of security, we will regularly inspect your property, clear and clean it if required, carry out appropriate maintenance work and then ensure the property is ready for re-occupation.

Our nationwide response teams offers a swift, 24/7 same-day response to help keep your premises insurance compliant and help re-let your property faster.

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