Facilities Management

All manner of problems can affect commercial properties from invasion by squatters and attacks from vandals and graffiti artists to interest from arsonists, thieves and other criminals. According to insurance company Aviva, £2 billion of damage is done to property in the UK through vandalism and arson, with 25 per cent relating to vacant properties. The Association of British Insurers estimates that £3.4 million of damage is done to British businesses through fire every day while the British Chambers of Commerce states that the cost of crime against business every year amounts to £12.6 billion.

Orbis helps by taking a one-stop-shop approach to the facilities management of your vacant property portfolio. At the start our fully-qualified building surveyors will assess and recommend the right level of security, we will regularly inspect your property, clear and clean it if required, carry out appropriate maintenance work and then ensure the property is ready for re-occupation or demolition.

We have over 35 years’ experience in working in partnership with property owners and agents together with facilities management service providers to provide empty property security 24/7.

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