Construction Site Security

Theft from UK construction sites is estimated to cost between £600m and £1bn every year*, largely due to lax security measures, inefficient equipment or ignored procedures. These losses cost a sector, already under severe pressure, additional strain. Don’t compromise construction site security based on cost alone. Orbis can provide security measures to fit your budget. Our fit-for-purpose solutions will quickly regain investment through, theft reduction, maintained reputation and lowered insurance claims.

Orbis is an experienced partner to the construction sector, helping building firms to improve both security and safety on site. Although many construction sites use manned guards and/or CCTV to improve security, we provide a more efficient, and cost-effective alternative. Our Videofied alarm solution is a rapidly-deployable visual verification alarm system that can be used throughout a construction site to monitor any potential intruders and to ensure equipment isn’t being moved when it should be stationary. As soon as movement is detected, the alarm is triggered and the system automatically captures a 10-second recording. Short video footage is immediately monitored by trained operators at our BS5979 Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre where agreed protocols, such as alerting the police, are actioned immediately. We also provide scaffold monitors.

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