Over the past few years the number of business failures has increased, fuelled by the recession and a lack of funding. These organisations often leave considerable property portfolios for the administrators and insolvency practitioners to manage.

Empty property management is our specialism and we are experts in delivering solutions to meet insolvency practitioners’ requirements. We provide a one-stop-shop for all your void property management needs allowing you to concentrate on your core business. From securing and monitoring an empty building, and organising vacant property maintenance and repairs, to regularly inspecting the site to ensure it meets both insurance compliance and legislative requirements; we take care of your void property portfolio. This enables you to maintain your insurance relationship more easily by managing your risks effectively, and ensure the maximum revenue can be derived from the property portfolio when it is sold on and reoccupied. Let us use our experience gained from working with the insurers you use to simplify the management of void property.

Aura, our real-time online customer portal, enables insolvency practitioners to have instant access to information about the properties temporarily under their control and allowing you to view a clear audit trail for insurance purposes, monitor current situations and expenditure and analyse trends over time.

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