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RedAlert Lone Worker Apps

Our choice of Apps provides a comprehensive range of features that can be tailored for individual teams in various working environments.

Our BS8484 certified lone worker applications are available for both iPhone and Android mobile devices. Our RedAlert Apps are designed for lone workers with access to mobile technology during work hours, who do not want to carry an additional security device, or just prefer a more convenient solution. As our Apps are software-based, this lone working system is also the most affordable solution within our range.

Our bespoke online software provides authorised users with immediate access to a full suite of lone working features, fully supported by our BS5979 CAT II Alarm Receiving Centre team (ARC).

For more information on how we can help protect your team, feel free to request a free trial, or chat with one of our experts for any further guidance.

Our RedAlert Lone Worker Apps

RedAlert Professional App

Our professional-level App provides a comprehensive range of features that can be tailored for individual teams in various working environments.

RedAlert Welfare App

For those who don’t require access to all features, our entry-level App is a simple, convenient way to protect your employees and provide complete peace of mind.

RedAlert Code 5

The RedAlert Code 5 is designed to give assistance to users without access to smartphone technology. Users can alert our team in the event of a threatening situation by simply pressing the number 5 key on their analogue phone.

RedAlert Companion Code 5 Emergency mobile phone for lone workers stock image

RedAlert App Feature Comparison

Android Compatible
IOS Compatible
App Autostart
Available on App Store/Play Store
Amber Alert
Amber Timer
Online & Offline capability
Red Alert Softkey
Red Alert Hardkey
GPS Enabled
Homesafe Functionality
Update Location
Update Location based on movement
Auto Send Position
Fall Alert
No Motion Alert
BT Button connectivity
Broadcase Messaging
OTA Setting configuration
Start & End Shift Feature
RedAlert Professional
RedAlert Welfare

Why choose an app to protect your team?

MAPS in an ideal security solution for site owners with the following needs:

No Service Limitation

Our RedAlert App will function perfectly, regardless of mobile network or service type, providing vital communication with our ARC operations team.

Location Tracking

The RedAlert App will update the location of the user via GPS, providing real-time positional information via our online management portal.

Check Calls

Users can schedule regular Amber Alert Timers during their shift, triggering a vibrating and audible notification alert when the timer is due to expire.  If the Amber Timer is not acknowledged once the timer has expired, our ARC team will take necessary action.

Motion Sensors

With both a fall alert and non-movement sensor, the user can be rest assured that all possible situations are covered, and help will be immediately available.

Audit Trail

From positional information to Amber and Red Alert recordings, the App creates a detailed audit trail which is viewable via the online management portal.

Our Alarm Receiving Centre

Our ARC team, based in Liverpool, manage and protect over 50,000 lone workers throughout the UK each year within both public and private sectors, organisation and charities. Our professionally trained operators have direct Police control room access and can bypass 999 services, saving valuable seconds in the case of an emergency.

Some key ARC benefits include –

  • Wholly owned and managed by Orbis (no third parties involved)
  • Operates 24/7/365 throughout the year
  • Military graded building security
  • Fully accredited BS5979 Cat II emergency service approved response
  • Data management standard: ISO27001:2013
  • Monitor over 45,000 alarm activations annually
The Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Why Choose Orbis RedAlert

Since 2000, Orbis has been the pioneer of lone working solutions throughout the UK

Comprehensive assessment to ensure the right solution is deployed for your team

Technologically advanced range of lone working solutions

Free trial period to ensure full satisfaction of the service

Comprehensive training programs for both management and users

24/7/365 monitoring through our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) team



Bolton at Home Case Study

“We are very pleased with the devices as they do exactly what is expected, the software is very user-friendly, the GPS tracking function is precise, and the call handling response is phenomenal; virtually all of our activated alerts have been responded to within 20 seconds.

Also, the service Orbis have provided us is second to none; all of their staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and polite. Emails/phone calls are responded to very quickly, and I don’t think there has been a single instance where our Account Manager/Orbis advisors haven’t been able to help.”

Get A Quote

Send us a message, get a competitive quote in quick time or just ask the team a question. We always aim to respond to requests within 24 hours.


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