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RedAlert Smartwatch

Our BS8484 compliant highly discreet wearable technology for your lone workers

  • The next-generation personal device for lone worker support
  • Fully functional android smartwatch
  • Support for lone workers in the field
  • Provides reassurance for the wearer
  • Tracks location
  • Creates a detailed audit trail of times, places, and events
  • Provides the means to monitor, assist, and quickly locate lone workers should anything go wrong

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RedAlert Smartwatch Features

Secure Live Streaming

Reliable streaming over cellular & WiFi 

Live GPS Location

Locate user positions in real-time 

Visual Display

Clear display to check status and device health 

Indoor Positioning

achieve accurate indoor location by linking to beacons 

Easily Raise Alerts

Instant support for users in an emergency 

Amber Alerts

Leave recorded messages in case of an alarm activation 

Roaming SIM Card

Multi-network roaming connects to strongest signal

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to see where my staff are?

Both current and historical positional information if available from within our customer management portal.

How do you handle alarms?

Red Alerts are handled in accordance with BS8484 meaning that the highest level of care and attention is given to all Red Alerts received by the Orbis Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Latest technology and continual review of procedures combined ensure that help is available when required.

Am I able to receive SMS and emails?

Yes, the RedAlert Smartwatch can be enabled to receive such messages and can even be integrated to Microsoft exchange and outlook.

Why use a BS8484 device instead of just calling 999 on a phone?

There are several benefits using a BS8484 service such as the one included with our RedAlert Alarm Fob.

For example, a BS8484 service has quick access to police assistance using a URN procedure. It also helps protect against litigation in the event of an incident happening.

Overall it improves user safety and acts as a benchmark when selecting a reputable supplier.



Medway Council

“As we are mental health clients, right from start to finish everybody that has engaged us has done it in a professional, courteous and mindful manner, Orbis pitched the engagement at people’s pace and understanding.”

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