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National Vacant Property and People Protection 24/7

Out of Hours Service

The Orbis’ contact centre operates an out-of-hours service 365 days of the year. We currently support over 400,000 homes across the UK, working with housing associations, local authorities and private property management companies.

Our core services include:

OOH Emergency Repairs: Regardless of the problem or hour of the day, our experienced advisors work within your pre-agreed protocols to determine the best course of action to resolve any issue.

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Management: By recording incoming calls Orbis’ call centre operators can create detailed logs of anti-social behaviour reports. We then assess the situation and determine the most appropriate escalation route.

Rental Payments: Our secure payment system accepts and allocates payments seven days a week, which means that residents or tenants can pay their rent at any time.

Contractor & Warranty Management: Orbis’ systems best-match suitable contractors to postcodes or properties. We measure contractor job-acceptance response times, on- and off-site times, and service delivery. And by matching repairs still under warranty with the relevant contractor we ensure these costs are kept to a minimum.

Planned & Un-planned BCP: Whether you have a faulty telephone system, a day of scheduled staff training or a meeting that will last a few hours, we can manage your incoming calls and ensure that you retain a level of service during this time.


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"Reliable, Flexible, Value"

They are very efficient, they are quick to respond, overall they provide a very good service.
-Sarah (National Trust)