24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre

"Orbis are very reactive responding to emails in one hour which is exceptional. Their staff are flexible and friendly and the reports provided are accurate and detailed. I can’t find any fault with them."


24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre

Our Alarm Receiving Centre provides peace of mind for businesses

Based on the Wirral in the North West, Orbis’ wholly owned Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is manned day and night by a dedicated team, trained to monitor and respond to potentially critical situations.

Accredited to multiple British Standards, our response centre closely monitors:

  • Lone Workers
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Personal Attack Alarms
  • Flood and Temperature Detectors

Our ARC is not limited to monitoring Orbis TAS-accredited temporary alarm systems; the team is also experienced in monitoring systems operating on Dual Com, Emizon or Digicom communication path.

Monitoring Services - Orbis Alarm Receiving Centre ARC Monitoring Centre


Our response centre is not just a regular office block, we have military grade security, duplication of receiving equipment, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and a generator capable of supporting you continually. Regardless of the circumstance, your properties and people are safe with Orbis.

Diagram of Alarm Receiving Centre
Vacant Property Management - Aura by Orbis - Customer on Property Management and Alarm Response audit trail portal

Seamless Audit Trails

Our vacant property management portal (Aura) provides real-time access to your properties and lone workers, which includes full audit trails of alarm activations, actions taken and video & audio footage. In many cases, our customers and the police have used this information to secure convictions.

Aura also helps our customers:

  • Schedule work
  • View work status
  • View property information in real-time
  • View before & after photographs of work
  • Manage Invoices
  • Upload client specific documents

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Since 1981 Orbis has continued to innovate, invest and lead. With a clear commitment to our customers to deliver exceptional quality and value, Orbis is the market leader providing property and people protection in a range of sectors with a diversified client base, and we have the credentials to back our excellent service.

Do you need monitoring services for your properties, site or lone workers?

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