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National Vacant Property and People Protection 24/7

24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre

Our BS5979 CAT II/BS8484 (2011) accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) closely monitors Lone Worker Protection, intruder alarms, fire alarms and personal attack alarms, as well as critical systems such as flood and temperature detectors.

The ARC is manned day and night by a dedicated team that is trained to monitor and respond to potentially critical situations affecting your property. Bespoke escalation procedures can also be built into the monitoring system.

Alarm Management Software allows us to record the activation history of your vacant property as well as the actions of the ARC staff in dealing with these security-related issues, resulting in full incident reports and audit trails, including audio and video footage where necessary. This can then be communicated via email, or accessed through the Orbis web portal, Aura.

The ARC is not limited to monitoring Orbis TAS-accredited temporary alarm systems; the team is also experienced in monitoring systems operating on Dual Com, Emizon or Digicom communication path.

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"Flexible, Timely, Cheerful"

We often need them at very short notice, they always respond well and come out when we need them.
- Alan (Vale of Glamorgan Borough Council)