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Lone Workers

Employees working in an isolated environment or without direct supervision may be at risk of aggression or occupational hazards.

Our range of Lone Worker Solutions currently supports 20,000 at-risk employees across the UK and are monitored day and night by our BS5979 Cat II / BS8484 Alarm Receiving Centre. Solutions can be tailored to meet specific worker needs or job requirements, with a choice of BS8484-compliant options that allow for an emergency response to be passed via the URN protocol, which ensures a priority response from the emergency services.





For more information on our lone worker services, please visit our dedicated website on the link below:

Orbis RedAlert™ Lone Worker Protection Devices Apps Smartphone

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Orbis respond really quickly to my requests. The action will be taken either on the same day or on the next day.
- Gillian (East Dunbartonshire Council)