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National Vacant Property and People Protection 24/7

Property Inspection

An unsecured, neglected vacant building is an obvious target for trespassers and criminal activity. By conducting regular and thorough property inspections Orbis can identify and manage potential risks that may negatively impact on your property’s value, security and reoccupation time.

Local Orbis specialists carry out regular visits to empty buildings to ensure they remain safe, secure, maintained and compliant with legal and insurance requirements. Visits can last anything from 15 minutes to two hours and take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on your individual requirements.

Small repair jobs are undertaken immediately by our highly-trained teams, with any larger projects discussed with the property owner. Details of the inspection visits – including photographic evidence, are recorded on Aura, our real-time online customer portal, allowing landlords instant access to property information and providing a clear audit trail for insurance purposes.

Added to this, the Orbis Legionnaires Prevention Regime vigilantly addresses the potential hazards presented by the build-up of the Legionella bacteria found in stagnant water. A weekly building ‘system flush’ can prevent against Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria.

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"Reliable, Helpful, Courteous"

They are always there when we need them as they have an out of hours service. The staff are always helpful and courteous.
- Joyce (Hounslow Homes Ltd)