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10 Services That You Might Not Know We Provide
We are the leading provider of vacant property, site security and lone worker protection services throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. Our aim is to provide a one-stop shop of services to provide our customers with great value, exceptional service and the convenience of one point of contact for all enquiries.

Sometimes when we’re talking with our customers, we are met with surprise when mentioning some of our other services that could help to solve their current needs. These essential services have supported many of our customers over the years and provided them with significant added value alongside our core services. For this reason, we have put together this simple blog to highlight some of the other services that you may not know that we provide.

Fly-tipping removal

We handle a high volume of fly-tipping cases each year for both public and private sector customers, our teams are highly trained in removing this type of waste and are equipped with the latest PPE to manage needle removal and other hazardous materials. We partner with accredited waste management companies throughout the UK to dispose of waste in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

Decontamination services

Our decontamination teams provide a range of services including anti-viral fogging and deep cleaning for properties and businesses. Due to the Covid pandemic, these services have been in particularly high demand as we can eliminate 99.999% of all viruses, enabling businesses and property owners to get back to normality within a matter of hours.

Contact centre services

We have a team of specialist call handlers at our Alarm Receiving Centre who provide ‘out of hours’ answering services for over 400,000 homes across the UK and Northern Ireland. Our teams are trained to respond on behalf of thousands of businesses to ensure that all enquiries are handled professionally and within a timely manner to help -keep businesses moving outside of general working hours.

Fire watch services (waking watch)

With many high-rise buildings still containing unsafe materials, this essential service ensures a 24/7 on-site response to any potential fire risks. Our security officers are specifically trained to handle emergency situations in high-rise buildings in the case of a fire.

CCTV time-lapse services

By using 4G technology built within the tower, time-lapse footage can be streamed in 4K definition directly to our Customer Portal, which allows our customers to view their site in real-time and set multi-speed time-lapse options to record the entire project, exactly how they wish. This service is now included free of charge with the rental of any Ultra CCTV tower.

Pest control

Our BPCA accredited pest control team have helped thousands of customers to prevent or remove a wide variety of pest-related issues in both private and commercial properties. Our teams can be on-site for any emergency within 24 hours and will quickly and efficiently rectify all types of pest situations that the property owner may face.

Decontamination waste removal

Decontamination waste also referred to as ‘Environmental waste’ covers many categories which include: Body fluid removal, sewerage over-flows, sharps or drug use paraphernalia, graffiti, flood remediation works, fly-tipping combustible material, pest waste, crime scene, mould treatment and more. From cruise ships to care homes, from police cells to private properties, our highly trained team have covered all types of requests in a wide variety of sectors.

High court enforcement

Our High Court Enforcement Officers help to evict trespassers on public or private land, whilst also providing support to clear and resecure land. This is often an expensive problem for landowners, as trespassers are known to leave huge amounts of waste and cause significant damage to properties and grounds. We support our clients by providing eviction support services including bailiff services, lock changes, fly-tipping waste clearance or prevention, perimeter protection and CCTV services.

Perimeter security

Effective perimeter security provides the first line of defence for all types of buildings, especially vacant properties. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure that buildings are protected at all times. By assessing requirements through site visits and risk assessments, we can provide a quality wood or metal fencing that gives you peace of mind and meets all legal and insurance obligations.

Lone worker services

As the pioneer of lone working services in the UK since 2000, we were surprised that some of our customers weren’t aware that we are also a key provider of lone worker protection, so we thought we’d better include this service here too. Our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre team manage the safety of thousands of lone working people each year in a wide range of industries. Our devices and Apps are designed to provide a quick and responsive method of contact in the event of a threatening situation, attack or any other emergency.

Although we provide an even wider range of services than we’ve listed here, we hope that this blog helps you to understand some of the lesser-known services that we can offer. We are truly a ‘one stop shop’ saving our customers the inconvenience of managing multiple contractors and can tailor each service to meet individual needs. Our national reach of over 20 locations and 450+ field operatives ensure that we can cover all regions across the UK and Northern Ireland. Our rapid response service also ensures that we can cover our customers for any emergency situations, providing complete peace of mind.

If you would like a quick chat for any advice or to discuss your requirements, then please get in touch today and we will be happy to help.

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