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Case Study: Blue Triangle – Simplifying Solutions


  • Blue Triangle were experiencing an unusually low device utilisation rate with their current supplier, resulting in members of their team being unprotected
  • We provided a bespoke solution that contained a mixture of devices for less technical users and also a comprehensive and flexible training program for all staff and management
  • Device utilisation amongst staff quickly increased, providing Blue Triangle with peace of mind for their staff and a great return on their investment

Our Team – Chris Chambers

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

Blue Triangle provide a safe and secure home for people experiencing homelessness as well as specialised service for young people leaving care. All Blue Triangle’s residential support services are staffed 24/7, 365 days a year and lone working is common. As well as lone working within these services, their outreach support workers visit the people they support in their homes.

Providing Real Solutions

Through their previous lone worker supplier, management discovered that device utilisation amongst their staff was very poor and convincing people to use the system was a challenge which heavily affected staff safety as well as monitoring and compliance reporting. Following our initial discussion, Blue Triangle asked us to assess the reasons for this and to provide a bespoke solution which would increase utilisation and help to ensure the safety of their team.

Following our initial assessment period, we discovered that a considerable number of staff were not using the previous system effectively due to the outdated nature of the technology and felt more comfortable using an App on their personal mobile. We decided to cover all preferences by providing our RedAlert Smartphone App for those who were confident using App technology and also implement our Code 5 service for members of staff who would prefer a simpler option. Our Code 5 service enables people to activate our regular RedAlert service through any mobile or landline handset with speed dial functionality, removing the need for any technical input.

Following our device assessment, we began the training stage which is crucial to achieving long term device compliance. This involved designing a bespoke plan to deliver relevant educational training to all users detailing how the technology works, why they are being provided with the solution and how this will benefit each person as an individual.

During the training stage for staff, we also provided training for escalation contacts and users of the web portal. This extra measure ensured that all key stakeholders were involved, and all individuals understood their role in helping to maintain safety whilst at work. Our training is tailored for each user group and designed to be flexible and easily accessible with a package that covers multiple training options. These options include face-to-face classroom style sessions, web-based training, e-learning, training videos and PDF user guides.

Results That Matter

Due to the flexibility of our service and bespoke training program, management quickly noticed a considerable increase in device utilisation amongst all of their staff, helping to protect their wellbeing and maximising Blue Triangle’s return on investment.

By working closely with the Blue Triangle team, we have created a great working relationship which allows us to ensure that our services are performing to expectation. We continue to hold regular meetings and training sessions to gain vital feedback and address any queries regarding our service.

About Blue Triangle

Blue Triangle is a Registered Social Landlord, Registered Care Provider and Charity that operates across nine local authorities in Scotland. Blue Triangle provide supported accommodation services across 17 registered services with 25 sites, as well as providing intensive outreach tenancy sustainment support across a number of local authorities.

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Customer Quote

“Working with Orbis to migrate our lone worker solution has been quick and painless. User adoption has increased immediately and user feedback on the RedAlert App has been excellent. The fact that Orbis could provide a mix of technology to cover the needs of our workforce was an important factor in selecting them to provide our lone worker safety solution. The system is incredibly easy to manage online through the Orbis Lone Worker Portal, even with office staff working from home, we can be confident that our Lone workers are safe and protected.”

Kat Irvine

Communications & Administration Co-ordinator

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