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Case Study: City Building (Glasgow) LLP – Working With Communities


  • When we first began working with City Building, we needed to build good relationships with their customers to allow us to manage our tasks efficiently
  • By discussing our work programmes with customers, we were able to satisfy any concerns about working with new contractors, whilst also gaining valuable feedback that allows us to continuously improve
  • Since this time, we have built a strong relationship with this community which has allowed us to provide our client with increased customer satisfaction and the provision of additional services

Our Team – Carrie Fordham

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

When we first began working with City Building through their supply chain framework over 10 years ago, we were asked to provide cleaning and maintenance services for works within their vacant properties. As we were initially new contractors, we had to work hard to prove ourselves in being able to carry out a high standard of work for City Building. 

Providing Real Solutions

As part of our relationship with City Building we undertook to hold regular forums with customers to introduce ourselves and detail which services we would be providing, to offer the customers complete transparency. We also committed to employing local staff on this contract to ensure that we were creating jobs opportunities within the area.

Following our first forum meetings, we were able to discuss the needs of customers and create a solid two-way conversation which allowed us to perform our services more efficiently and to the customers’ convenience. This helped boost customer satisfaction levels for City Building, which has led to us delivering even more services as part of our contract.

One of those additional services was to provide environmental and pest control services due to an ongoing pigeon problem, causing customers to frequently complain about the mess. This was resolved by using a netting system, which is designed to protect buildings from birds whilst being as discreet as possible. Due to positive outcomes for the customers, we were given complete access to install the system in a very timely manner, allowing our operatives to solve the problem within a matter of days.

We were also asked to provide cyclical render cleaning services for properties. As the requirements and standards of this type of cleaning service are extensive, all operatives were enlisted onto a rigorous training schedule. This schedule included hands-on training, refresher training and the mandatory completion of a selection of training modules before commencing works. We found that by providing this level of training, it not only gave our staff the knowledge to carry out their job effectively, it also helped to boost morale. This helped to keep our staff attrition rates low, which meant that tenants felt at ease by regularly seeing familiar staff on-site.

Results That Matter

By working closely with City Building and their customers, we have created close working relationships which allow us to ensure that regular tasks and challenges are rectified without delay and exceed monthly service levels. We continue to hold regular forums with residents to gain vital feedback and ensure relationships continue to grow.

We understand that our services are just part of the task. It is through positive communication and the building of relationships with our clients and their customers, that we can turn a good service into a great service.

About City Building

Now one of Scotland’s largest construction companies, City Building (Glasgow) provide a range of repairs and maintenance, manufacturing, construction and refurbishment activities across the public, private and third sectors. As well as providing the largest construction craft apprenticeship programme in Scotland, they also operate Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries (RSBi), one of the largest supported manufacturing businesses in Europe.

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