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Case Study: Colchester Parking – Physical Assault


  • We look at the danger that lone workers can face each day, particularly in high risk jobs
  • In this case a Parking Officer was assaulted during a routine ticket situation
  • Our Alarm Receiving Centre team were able to offer immediate assistance to the victim and ensure that the authorities were alerted immediately

Case Date – 6/8/2020

Our Team – Halev Griffiths, David Fletcher

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

As a leading supplier of lone worker services throughout the UK, we see all manner of incidents ranging from verbal abuse to physical attack. A highly vulnerable group of workers are parking enforcement teams who are often threatened on a daily-basis, making their jobs particularly stressful and dangerous.

We have worked with Colchester Parking since 2016 and provide their parking enforcement teams with a range of lone worker devices that are designed to offer complete support through our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) team in the event of a threatening or dangerous incident. Our team offer reassurance to the victim whilst alerting the authorities to the location and nature of the incident and provide the worker with immediate assistance. We will also inform their nominated supervisors so that they are also fully aware of the incident that has occurred.

There was a recent case for Colchester Parking where one of their parking enforcement team was met with a barrage of abuse from a member of the public whilst issuing a parking ticket, this also led to a physical attack. We were able to fully assist in this situation until the Police arrived to deal with the incident and our report is fully available for use during any following legal proceedings.

Here is an overview of the incident report –

6/8/2020 – 17:27
User activated red alert on device

6/8/2020 – 17:29
User states that he has just put a ticket on a vehicle and the owner has taken it off and physical assaulted the Parking Officer

6/8/2020 – 17:29
User has requested for Police assistance

6/8/2020 – 17:34
Police informed with reference number

6/8/2020 – 17:34
Action in progress

6/8/2020 – 18:01
Attempted to update first escalation of situation to company contact

6/8/2020 – 18:02
Contacted second escalation and informed them of the situation

From the moment our assistance was requested, our team were able to advise and reassure the victim and alert the Police directly through our  unique URN allowing us direct access to the Police control rooms. This information includes the name, job type, location and situation in progress, giving the Police full access to the information that they immediately require. 

Fortunately there were no permanent injuries sustained to the victim, however, this is just one of many cases we see daily, particularly in high risk jobs such as parking enforcement.

Providing Real Solutions

Employees who have access to these types of devices, can feel much safer and more confident within their day-to-day roles. High-risk jobs such as parking enforcement is just one area where we can help, but we also supply our services to many other sectors including healthcare, transport, logistics, retail and public and private services.

Colchester Parking has recently renewed their lone worker contract with us for at least a further 2 years, which is a great testament to the value of service that we offer.

Paul Kent from Colchester Parking had this to say –

“Orbis provide a great level of protection for our Civil Enforcement Officers who often find themselves in volatile situations with members of the public due to the nature of their job. Orbis Sentry is a great way to monitor and manage all of our officers across all areas from a single PC. The system is set up so it is simple to use and the weekly information displayed and reports it generates are a great performance indicator per individual. They have always gone above and beyond and been able to provide solutions to any issues.

The monitoring service that is provided is invaluable to our officers who often need the reassurance that they are protected whilst on patrol in known troublesome areas. This is not a service provided by all lone worker service providers but a necessary one for us. Simply, our officers could not go out on patrol without them and therefore they keep our parking operations across North Essex running. Good, constant communication from Orbis means we are always kept up to date on latest services and products available.”

Paul Kent

Interim Parking Operations Manager Colchester Parking

How Can We Help Your Team?

With over 20 years experience, we have a team of UK based, highly experienced alarm handlers. In the event that your employee is in distress, we are available to help within seconds. Whether it is reassurance whilst walking across a dark car park or assistance if confronted or threatened, our service even works for slips trips and falls, no matter what the incident, we are there. We hold full details about workers, their location and their line management, enabling us to escalate a situation when a user is unable to do so.

In the event of an incident, our service is BS8484 accredited, we have Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) for all UK Police forces, giving us direct access to Police control rooms and bypassing the 999 service. We record everything that happened, giving employees helpful and vital evidence, should the incident go to litigation.

For more information please visit here

Traffic Officer wearing RedAlert Body Worn Video Device

Traffic Officer using RedAlert ID Badge Lone Worker Device

NHS RedAlert ID Badge

NHS Nurse using RedAlert ID Lone Worker Device

Security Guard using Body Worn Video Lone Worker Device

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