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Case Study: Constant & Co – Flexible Solutions

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

We were initially approached by Constant & Co to provide security support at one of their property’s which had recently been inhabited by long-term squatters. We recommended to the client that we fit our permasteel security at all points of ingress and egress within the property to prevent any future reoccurrences. This process involved precise coordination and communication with their team, to ensure that we secured the property immediately after the squatters were evicted.

RedAlert Alarm FOB

Providing Real Solutions

The building itself was very old, and due to the squatters still being present, we could not survey the premises completely. For this reason, our Operatives had to react quickly on the ground towards the fitting and quantities of materials brought to site. Due to slow court processing, our Operatives also had to contend with several aborted attempts to evict the squatters, which made it even more challenging to plan and execute the jobs at the right moment.

Following the installation of the permasteel, the same squatters attempted to break back into the property with various heavy-duty tools. Although they were unsuccessful, we were able to respond quickly to bent and damaged screens which needed to be replaced.

About Constant & Co

Formed back in 1973, Constant & Co are a privately owned, professional and trusted enforcement company covering England and Wales. They stand by their professional accreditations, wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that their clients receive the highest possible service.

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Results That Matter

We provided Constant & Co with up to the minute communication between our contact, Business Development Manager and Operations team. This resulted in our contact being very impressed by the speed and professionalism shown by the team – especially with the aborted eviction attempts and the resecuring aspect.

Following an internal report from our team, it was clear that there was a significant health and safety concern due to the amount of waste and needles left behind by the occupants. As part of our service provision, we were able to clear and clean the property to remove this hazard. By offering a joined-up service of permasteel, relet and needle sweep, we were able to save this customer time and money in using multiple contractors.

As a result of providing real solutions for this client, Orbis are now a preferred supplier for Constant & Co, and we look forward to future collaborations. By working with Constant & Co to solve their initial issue whilst providing additional benefits, we have received a high level of satisfaction from their team. Our ability to think on our feet and provide a flexible and professional service, ensures that we can continue to stand out from the crowd.

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