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Case Study: DBSantasalo – Eviction and Enforcement

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

Our partners at Veritas Property Management received reports via our security partners, Optosafe, that a considerable number of travellers had entered a premises by angle grinding the padlock from the front gate. This was recorded by the on-site Ultra CCTV tower.

The travellers had been terrorising the tenants on site and had already begun stripping and removing copper cabling, causing the factory to be severely impacted and production of critical MOD parts to be halted.

RedAlert Alarm FOB

Providing Real Solutions

Our security officers attended site within 4 hours of instruction and served notice on the occupiers. Security officers were deployed to monitor their activities overnight and record any evidence of fly-tipping or anti-social behaviour. The travellers continued to cause damage and strip copper cabling and pipework throughout the night, making threats of violence to the on-site occupants and this was recorded by our on-site team.

We attended the following day with enforcement officers to carry out the eviction but were met with extreme hostility – an agreement was made that they would leave by 14:00pm once they had found a new location. The travellers vacated the site at the agreed time, and we quickly resecured the premises and blocked the entrances only permitting access to authorised tenants and our partners from Optosafe were on-site immediately to reinstate the CCTV tower systems.

The site was handed back to the customer with operational CCTV and security systems later that evening.

About DBSantasalo

David Brown Santasalo has facilities in 27 locations around the world, with over 1,100 employees and a strong track record for reliable performance coupled with a rich brand heritage and proven application experience. They provide a full lifecycle support for David Brown, Santasalo and DBS heritage gearboxes, along with all third party gears no matter the make or model.

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