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Case Study: Fife Council – An Inspector Calls


  • During a routine property inspection for Fife Council, we found a variety of issues regarding property security and drug use which represented a serious concern for public safety
  • We were then tasked to remove all potential hazards and ensure that the property was safe for purpose
  • Due to the hazards being removed, we were able to safeguard the property and also provide Fife Council with comprehensive documentation to ensure that they were fully compliant with their insurers requests
Case Date – 16/12/2020

Our Team – Logan Harris

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

During a recent property inspection for Fife Council, we highlighted a variety of issues that represented a serious health and safety hazard to the property and public. Within our report, we advised that the carpark area should be closed off, as it was completely open and vulnerable to trespassers. Additionally, our Inspector found significant evidence of drug use, with needles and other drug-related paraphernalia being widely prominent throughout the property. It was very clear that this area was an active meeting spot for drug users and represented a serious safety issue.

Fife Council previously provided an internal inspection service, but as a review of this process, the decision was taken to engage Orbis to move forward with this responsibility. This move created various benefits for our customer, such as the release of internal resource to assist with the fight against Covid, improved data collection & scrutiny and reduced lone working liabilities. This review was also supported by Fife Councils Insurers.

Orbis Property Inspector with device

Providing Real Solutions

As Fife Council are highly proactive in anticipating future insurance requirements when assessing and monitoring their portfolio, they required full documentation and service documents for each of their properties. We were able to provide a full audit listing all potential areas of concern and provide Fife with the correct documents to ensure that they were completely in line with their insurers’ requirements.

In addition to our routine inspections, Fife Council has also requested that we rectify the issues that were submitted within our reports and ensure that their properties are not only well managed, but insurance compliant too.

“Vacant buildings create several concerns for organisations used to managing operational assets. Working with Orbis has allowed us to move to a more pro-active approach with a single point of access to numerous trained operatives’ assisting us with our revised focus i.e Inspections, shuttering, needle pick and ARC.”

Mike Kilbank

Lead Officer, Property Services Fife Council

About Fife Council

Fife Council is the local authority for the Fife area of Scotland and is the third largest Scottish council, managing all public sector activity within their region. Find out more at –

Orbis Property Inspector with PDA  reporting device

Orbis specialist clearance team member

Orbis clearance tipping vehicle

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