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Case Study: Guinness Partnership – The Pyramids

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

We were first contacted by Guinness Partnership to help protect their swimming pool enclosure, The Pyramids, based in Exeter. Guinness required our security services to prevent trespassers entering the area surrounding the pool and to secure the building against trespassing and unauthorised parking on site.

It was important that we fully secured the premises for Guinness, not only due to the considerable investment of the property, but also from a health and safety point given the hazardous nature of an unattended swimming pool.

RedAlert Alarm FOB

Providing Real Solutions

Following a thorough site review, we advised on a multi-system approach allowing us to efficiently protect each area. For the perimeter of the building, we installed Heras fencing to provide an important additional level of security from intruders attempting to gain access to the grounds. This was further complimented by the installation of anti-vandal perma steel to protect against vandalism and our Videofied wireless alarm unit, which included camera PIR’s and smoke detectors that are monitored 24/7 by our Alarm Receiving Centre team.

Our Property Inspection team then surveyed the property every 7 days to check for any signs of forced entry or damage as part of our security reporting. One particular challenge was to install the fencing system in a way that avoided numerous tree stumps and left proper access to the public footpath and sub-station. Our team carefully planned and agreed the proposed perimeter plan with Guinness beforehand, ensuring both parties were happy with the suggested layout.

About Guinness Partnership

Founded in 1890, Guinness provide social housing services through 155 local authority areas across England with a portfolio of over 65,000 properties. Guinness describe themselves as a customer service organisation due to their focus on their customers and the wide range of services that they provide.

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Results That Matter

Our security is still currently in place and the customer is very satisfied with the works carried out, particularly regarding the speed of the operation. Guinness continue to be kept fully updated on a weekly basis regarding their properties condition and security. By taking a consultative approach, we were able to provide this customer with a cost-effective solution to their security problems, rather than a one-size fits all ‘solution’.

The initiatives that we have implemented has proven to dramatically reduce the number of incidents on-site, saving significant costs associated with damage, vandalism and fly-tipping.

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