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Case Study: NHS Blood and Transplant Services


NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) found themselves in the midst of an operational crisis in regards to the cleaning of its mobile donation vehicles.

NHSBT’s previous supplier had withdrawn from its contract and interim measures led to confusion as to which vehicles were to be cleaned and when.

Something needed to be done to ensure this did not continue. A
single contract needed to be put in place to restore control and
achieve uniformity across the country.

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

NHSBT invited companies to come forward and offer a new solution.
Having worked with the NHS on various other contracts, Orbis understood the requirements and proposed an effective and efficient deep cleaning service, which subsequently won the contract.

Orbis arranged to travel to the NHSBT offices every 13 weeks to deep clean all of the vehicles on site. For complete efficiency, cleans were scheduled up to 12 months in advance, allowing NHSBT to meet collection deadlines.

The deep cleaning process involves a combination of manual steam cleaning and manual cleaning with microfibre cloths. The clean is then completed with a fogging process to ensure that not even the tiniest of spaces are missed. An ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) system (introduced to NHSBT by Orbis) is then used to provide an instant measure of the level of contamination and dirt, with lower readings indicating higher levels of cleanliness. NHSBT set a standard of no scores above 100, something that Orbis far exceeded with an average reading of 32.5.

Providing Real Solutions

The manual cleaning and fogging service makes use of a chemical called DuoMax which is unique to Orbis’ deep cleaning service. This chemical is extraordinary in that it is a completely non-toxic disinfecting agent that eradicates 99.999% of airborne pathogens and surface bacteria in every millimetre of the vehicle, floor to ceiling. As well as being safe and effective, it also makes the fogging process approximately ten times faster than traditional means, which allows NHSBT staff to return to their vehicles faster than conventional deep cleaning.

While working on this contract, Orbis noticed that NHSBT’s workflow management offered room for improvement, so they introduced them to the newly launched Aura Workflow Management tool which they could access online without installing any software. This allowed NHSBT, for the first time, to manage their workflow fully and with ease by:

• Scheduling cleans by simply logging in online
• Viewing a complete photographic audit trail of work undertaken
• Viewing the status of work scheduled in real time
• Acts as a virtual filing cabinet which helps the environment
• Analysing and report on data across all jobs with comprehensive trend analysis and report printing capabilities.

Since this time, Aura has been replaced with our work force management tool ‘Communities’ to provide an even better service and reporting tool for our customers.

Results That Matter

NHSBT teams complete daily cleans inbetween deep cleans, however Orbis found that the majority of these cleans were scoring above 100 in cleanliness readings. Orbis raised the issue to the relevant managers which then led to further training on the use of the ATP system. Orbis has also added value to the NHSBT in the unlikely area of vehicle design, with new vehicles being discussed directly with Orbis to ensure that they are practical to clean using our methods.

This partnership is actually no more expensive than the previous multi-supplier model, yet it is delivering far greater levels of cleanliness, reliability and workflow management than was previously imaginable. As a result there have been no cases of non-conformance since the partnership began.

Orbis has delivered innovation and improvement beyond the reasonable requirements of their contract with NHSBT.

Philip Neill, Lead Operations Support Manager, NHSBT


NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) improves the supply of donated blood, organs and tissues, and raises the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of blood and transplant services.

NHSBT is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department of Health and Social Care.

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