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CCTV Time Lapse – Projects in Motion

Recently we discussed the pros and cons of Security Guards vs CCTV towers in our Man vs Fuse blog. Within this article, we compared the Ultra Hybrid CCTV tower, due to it being the most technologically advanced CCTV solution on the market today, which gave this guide a modern perspective when comparing these types of services.

One area that has raised a lot of questions recently is the time-lapse feature within our towers, as many people weren’t even aware that this could be an option with CCTV security, so we thought we would cover this feature in a bit more detail.

Why should we time-lapse construction builds?

For property builds, time-lapse video is a perfect way to showcase your work and highlight the time and effort that your team has put into these substantial projects. It reveals the entire story and can also be used to help support bids for other projects with prospective customers.

With larger scale builds, time-lapse is often used within project management timelines to ensure that the build is progressing on schedule and available for investors and other stakeholders to access. Time-lapse can also offer physical evidence in the event of any disputes during the project.

Time lapse has usually been sold as a separate service involving the rental of equipment and network connections to capture the footage, but this is no longer the case, our Ultra and Ultra Hybrid CCTV towers offer a time-lapse feature built within the tower itself, at no extra charge.

About our time-lapse service

Using 4G technology built within the tower, time-lapse footage can be streamed in 4K definition directly to our Customer Portal, which allows you to view and alter the settings to your own preferences. You can also view your site in real-time and set multi-speed time-lapse options to record your entire project, exactly how you wish. Video footage can also be embedded into any website, to give your team or clients complete transparency throughout the entire process. Other features include –


  • View and zoom into any historical images that you have previously captured
  • Live image – captures high definition images every 10 seconds, using significantly less bandwidth
  • Access the Customer Portal to view your site from any device including phone, tablet and laptop
  • Image Anonymise is an option that can remove all motion from your time-lapse footage to ensure that people and vehicles are never shown, giving a more polished look to the overall video
  • Compare before or after snapshot images of your site from any  time
  • Easily share your feed with others or broadcast it online
  • Record months or years of video footage and images – no storage limit
  • Free of charge with the rental of any Ultra or Ultra Hybrid CCTV Tower

How do I set this up?

Our team will take care of the full time-lapse setup for you as part of the installation process. As the customer, you will have full access to the Customer Portal and can tweak the video settings to your complete preference.

Due to the robust nature of our 8M tall CCTV Towers, our cameras are tamper-proof and fully weather resistant and tested to Cat 2 hurricane conditions, so there will be no interruption to your video, no matter the weather. As mentioned, this feature is completely free of charge when renting one of our CCTV Towers for your site.

      About our range of CCTV Towers

      Our range of technologically advanced CCTV towers are highly versatile and completely customisable to suit your needs. We have no minimum hire period and can rapidly deploy our towers throughout the UK and N Ireland within 24 hours. We have options to suit small or large sites and a range of self-sufficient solutions for sites without power. All of our products are manufactured in-house to the highest standards which also means that we can pass the cost savings onto our customers.

      If you would like more information on our range of advanced CCTV Towers for your site, then please get in touch with a member of our team and we will be happy to help.

      Read our Man vs Fuse blog here

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