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Helping Our Clients Deliver Excellent Service

With over 30 years of contact centre support experience, we have become the trusted partner for a wide range of public and private sector organisations looking to offer their customers a 24/7/365 support service, without the significant operational costs of resourcing this in-house.

Our team of professional advisor’s currently support our clients by answering, deploying and responding to thousands of calls per year from their customers. This service helps ensure that our clients’ reputation and service standards are maintained to an increasingly high expectation from their customers.

Particularly over holiday periods when many offices are either closed or under resourced, our services can offer our clients an important lifeline for their customers.

Better Customer Service

With the increase in online capability, the demand for better customer service is also expected. Customer support seeking is no longer a 9-5 process, and the increasing expectation is for companies to follow suit with their support availability. The days of ‘office hour only’ support is long gone, and such companies are being rapidly overtaken by businesses and organisations who are willing to go the extra mile to match the needs of the modern consumer.

Speed of communication

Not only are customers demanding access to 24/7 support, they are also looking for speed. A recent report by CRM provider SuperOffice, showed that over 33 percent of UK customers expect some kind of response within an hour or less, while 11 percent of customers expected a response within 15 minutes. An ‘always on’ expectation is now standard, and no longer just a nice to have.

Our resources are vast and consist of a dedicated UK based Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) team and multiple local branches which are strategically positioned throughout the UK. This ensures that our customer response times are virtually instant, allowing us to deal with both emergencies and general enquiries with the same efficiency.


A human touch

Customers are usually comfortable using live chat services providing they can quickly and efficiently resolve their problems — unfortunately, as many of us know, that is often not the case. Chatbots are designed to respond to live enquiries through a series of pre-loaded answers in a bid to save companies the significant cost of resourcing call centres. Unfortunately, chatbots cannot answer any queries outside of their programmed list, causing much frustration and even brand resentment when customers find themselves in an endless loop with no clear resolution.

In a report by This is Money, nearly 50 percent of surveyed consumers in Europe, the US and Australia said that automated chatbots were ‘annoying’, while 80 percent said they were ‘too impersonal’. One in five would prefer companies stop using them altogether.

Most enquiries have a level of complexity that rarely follows a scripted process. By providing your customers with a fast and efficient human point of contact, all enquiries can be easily resolved, regardless of the customers level of technical proficiency.

The Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
The Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

An overview of our service

Our Contact Centre Services can include any of the following elements.

  • Telephone Handling Services
  • Out of Hours Emergency Repairs
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Management
  • Email Response Services
  • Live Web Chat Services
  • Call Recording
  • Online Reporting
  • Payment Handling
  • Contractor & Warranty Management
  • Planned & Un-planned Business Continuity

In many cases we can also work directly with our customers own back-office system. This means no lengthy spreadsheets or reports as the information is inputted directly into their system for increased efficiency and reporting.

A more efficient way of working

Chelmer Housing Partnership (CHP) is a charitable housing association based in Chelmsford, Essex. The organisation has two primary objectives: to provide excellent services and to increase the supply of affordable homes to those in need.

CHP own over 9,000 high-quality, affordable homes to rent and buy across the county, and provide a responsive service to ensure their residents enjoy peace of mind and improved quality of life. Orbis has provided an enhanced Out of Hours Call Handling Service to CHP since March 2016, providing assistance for emergency repairs, as well as a seamless signposting service for antisocial behaviour, welfare advice and support. Orbis also conduct satisfaction surveys on behalf of CHP.

“During our time working with Orbis, we’ve found they have delivered excellent quality and value for money for our customers. The company are easy to deal with, and very accommodating if we need to divert to their services at short notice due to issues such as severe weather events or technical issues. Nothing ever seems to be any trouble.”

Chelmer Housing Partnership

The bar of customer expectation has been raised and will surely continue to rise in the future. We can help your business to surpass these new standards, ensuring higher levels of customer satisfaction. If you would like more information on our contact centre services, then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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