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Introducing Our New Anti-Social Behaviour Surveillance Service

According to the Crime Survey of England & Wales in 2020, around 39% of people have personally experienced anti-social behaviour, with Police forces in England and Wales recording over 1.4 million incidents between April 2018 and March 2019. These disturbing figures have a real impact on the quality of peoples’ lives and is becoming an ever-increasing priority for businesses, councils and housing associations with a duty to protect their properties, residents and assets.

Local authorities and Police take the lead on tackling anti-social behaviour throughout the UK. However, many public, private and social organisations are also working to prevent and respond to this growing issue, largely due to Police resources being stretched.

The CSEW survey categorised anti-social behaviour through a number of categories, which made up the majority of reported cases –

  • Rubbish or litter lying around / fly-tipping
  • People using or dealing drugs
  • Loitering and threatening behaviour
  • Drunkenness in public
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Noisy neighbour or loud parties

We have previously worked with many businesses, councils and housing associations to provide bespoke solutions to help manage anti-social behaviour, but our goal has always been to provide a specific, cost-effective service for our customers.

Through continuous research and improvements through our development team, we are proud to introduce our new Anti-social Behaviour Surveillance service, designed to further reduce these issues by specifically targeting this problem with a dedicated and streamlined solution.

About our Anti-social Behaviour Surveillance service

Through our advanced CCTV technology, we can deploy a temporary camera system to carry out surveillance in areas where anti-social behaviour and crime are most prevalent. This service will comprise of two types of monitoring –

  • Standard Alert Surveillance Checks (SAS Checks)
  • Heightened Alert Surveillance Checks (HAS Checks)

Standard Alert Surveillance Checks (SAS Check)

Camera checks are manually carried out by our Operators on an hourly basis between 12 pm noon and 3 am when anti-social behaviour is most likely to occur. This will also allow us to identify particular time ‘hot spots’ for each location.

Heightened Alert Surveillance Checks (HAS Check)

During an SAS Check, if any type of anti-social, suspicious behaviour or criminal activity is spotted by the Operator, then the check will immediately escalate to a HAS check. The incident and time will be logged for client reporting and the relevant local authority will be immediately notified to respond.

    Why use our surveillance service?

    Alongside the clear advantage of deterring and reducing anti-social behaviour, our new service also contains a range of other features and benefits –


    • CCTV and signage provide a clear deterrent against incidents occurring in the first place
    • Saves significant time and money spent on resourcing and attending incidents and also the associated costs involved in damages caused by anti-social behaviour
    • HD footage can be monitored 24/7 by the customer through access to our Customer Portal
    • Our Privacy Zone feature enables us to avoid areas of private property from being viewed or recorded by effectively blocking out certain areas from the camera footage
    • Video footage can be retrieved as evidence in the event of criminal activity
    • Our system can provide audio challenges to instantly warn people engaging in anti-social behaviour
    • Night vision cameras will ensure that accurate footage can be viewed 24/7
    • Our HD cameras have an incredibly long field of vision, ensuring that wider areas can be covered effectively

        Example CCTV coverage

        Example CCTV coverage

        How does this work?

        Our surveillance equipment would be placed in a strategic position that offered the best view of the problem location. This could be fixed to a lamp post or other stationary object at a height to avoid tampering.

            Privacy Zone

            Private property or other sensitive objects can be masked out using our Privacy Zone technology to ensure privacy for residents. Playback footage can also be obtained through our Customer Portal.

            Our Operations team

            Our camera operatives will monitor the location every hour between 12 pm and 3 am to look for signs of anti-social behaviour. If present, our team could issue an audio warning or alert the relevant local authorities immediately if criminal activity is taking place.

                We can help

                Our new Anti-social Behaviour Surveillance service is the ideal solution for common hotspots involving criminal activity, loitering or fly-tipping. Our service not only acts as an effective deterrent, it will also alert community patrols or authorities in the event of anti-social behaviour. High definition video footage can also be retrieved for evidence purposes if required.

                This new solution can provide businesses, councils and housing associations with an efficient, dedicated service, saving a significant amount of time and money spent resourcing these types of problems. For more information about how we can help, please contact our team today and we will be happy to discuss your individual needs with you.

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