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Think Safety First

Safety is the priority in everything we do.  As part of our mission for continual improvement in each area of the business, our Operations Director, Paul Stubbs, is working with the HSE and Compliance team to redefine our Health and Safety approach, including a new ‘Think Safety First’ campaign which is now rolling out throughout the business.

When Paul took on the role of Operations Director with Orbis back in December 2020, he found that the company had a ‘good’ health and safety track record, but that there were areas where he could see room for improvement to work towards ‘excellent’ H&S performance and culture.

When asked to summarise his plan for reducing accidents, Paul explained “Creating safer environments must be an ongoing goal for all businesses. In my role it’s important for me to challenge our people to look at health and safety processes and how these can be improved.

Our people are the foundation of this company and our most valuable asset. Given the nature of our business, working environments can be hazardous, so our goal is to ensure that every member of our team gets home safely at the end of each day.

Of course Rome wasn’t built in a day, so the goal for our campaign and HSE system review is to ‘work towards reducing harm’ with clear KPI targets and action plans aimed at reducing the number of accidents within our workplace. The longer-term goal is to achieve a ‘zero-accident’ status and maintain that standard in the future.”

How will we achieve this?

An extensive training program covering a wide range of health and safety topics is mandatory for all employees to complete and pass.  The leading causes of accidents have been analysed and identified and there is to be particular emphasis on training in these areas.

During extensive reviews of all areas of operations, Paul has also identified key aspects of our H&S arrangements that will be focused upon as part of the H&S improvement plan.

  • Risk Assessment
  • H&S Training
  • Site Inspections and management audits
  • Accident and Incident Reporting processes
  • Communication of incidents and lessons learned
  • Driver Safety

Managers will receive extensive training in each of these aspects, which will underpin the onsite training for all employees at each regional branch.

To support our goal of continual improvement, all employees are actively encouraged at every opportunity to follow these key behaviours at work…

  • Follow the rules and work safely at all times
  • Stop and speak up if the job can’t be done safely
  • Be aware of the hazards and risks involved at work
  • Intervene to stop others from getting hurt
  • Talk to others about Health and Safety
  • Always report all injuries, accidents or near misses

And most of all… Think Safety First


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