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Have you noticed more wasps around? If not, you might very soon!

Wasp increase 2018 - Wasps covering cafe table in public place

According to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) this season could be a “bumper” year, which means it is likely that properties and businesses could be inundated with wasps.

The BPCA also advised that once wasp populations used to rise and fall in a two-year pattern, however a change in the wasp’s activity is making predictions on their numbers more difficult to call.

Our expert pest control technician, John Colson added: “Don’t Blame it on the Weatherman”

“Common wisdom would blame the weather for the increase of Vespula Vulgaris (common wasp) but really we should be looking at the biology for the abundance of wasps and the change in behaviour on how the Wasps feeding habits change to start nest building and larval nursing of new Queens. This is where we start seeing the rise in the numbers of calls from the public as the feeding habits change from a sweet based diet such as fruit and your cold pint of beer to a protein based diet i.e. insects to start the expansion of the colony and nest building process, it is at this point that the number of wasp nests sites increase and the abundances of customer calls start coming in, so are you geared up?”

"The country should prepare for the worst and hope for the best" Alex Wade - Pelgar (leading manufacturer of pest control products)

Official BPCA Advice

  • Be aware of wasp activity
  • Remove wasp nests quickly
  • Use a professional pest management company
  • Check your pest controller’s credentials before buying services
  • Be careful: From September, wasps may become angrier and bolder


Do you need professional support with wasps

Orbis’ pest control teams are BPCA accredited, as well as vetted and DBS checked, enabling us to work in occupied and unoccupied buildings.

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More on our Pest Control services:


BPCA – “Wasps going on? The changing pattern of summer pest behaviour” 

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