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Why Choose an Anti-viral Fogging Service?

Since early 2020, we have seen a considerable increase in demand for our infection control services, particularly our anti-viral fogging service. Unsurprisingly, this spike was largely fuelled by the global pandemic as businesses began to implement robust health and safety measures to help keep their staff safe and the company trading during those very uncertain times.

At the start of the pandemic, infection control was seen as an absolute priority to keep businesses moving, as guidelines from the government seemed mixed and somewhat confusing regarding business lockdown procedures and working from home advice. Over the following months and a second wave of lockdowns, companies continued to be quite stringent towards infection control, but more so as reassurance for staff to re-enter the workplace or to give customers the peace of mind that their premises was safe for public use.

Demand for infection control has now started to level out to pre-pandemic times and we believe that this is mainly due to businesses resigning themselves to the fact that Covid is here to stay for the foreseeable future, which has subsequently led to a degree of complacency. Understandably having weathered through 2 lockdowns already, business owners are also struggling to keep up with the cost and effort of more rigorous health and safety standards. However, as infection rates continue to rise again, it is as vital as ever that strict health and safety procedures are prioritised to ensure the safety of people and to keep businesses moving.

To keep a building fit for people to work or visit, the most effective method is to disinfect the premises through an anti-viral fogging service. Deep cleaning companies can spend days disinfecting surfaces and equipment manually, but this will not reach all areas where people come into contact with. We’ve put together some facts about fogging and why this method of infection control is far more practical for businesses looking for a quick, effective solution.


  • Fogging transmits a vapour that will cover all areas of the building and even the smallest of cracks and crevices, killing 99.999% of all known viruses, fungi and bacteria, including Covid-19.
  • The mist or vapour is designed to kill both surface and airborne viruses, making this a much more effective method than deep cleaning or manual disinfection. As our operatives use non-toxic chemicals, there is no danger to humans once the safety period has ended.
  • Large areas can be disinfected within hours, rather than days, ensuring that offices and businesses can get back to normal overnight. For instance, an average 3-bedroom house would take our operatives just a few hours to complete, and the building would be safe to re-enter approximately 6 hours afterwards.

Requests for our fogging services are now split between two types, preventative and reactive. As more businesses start to migrate their staff back into the office, preventative fogging not only guarantees that the premises is Covid safe, but it also provides peace of mind for employees concerned about their safety when returning back to the office. Reactive cases are becoming more frequent, partially due to Covid detection within retail businesses being easily accessible through the government App. Responsible business owners will often instigate a disinfection of the premises following any confirmed report to ensure the continued safety of their staff and customers.

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Our nationwide specialist cleaning and clearance teams hold over 30 years of professional experience for all types of situations and can offer free guidance for any post-fire or flood enquiries. If you would like more information regarding our flood clearance and cleaning services, then please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist.

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