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Protecting Your Site Through The Winter Months

With winter firmly upon us, site construction has significantly reduced due to less daylight hours and adverse weather conditions, making this a particularly vulnerable period for trespass and theft. This issue is magnified even further during the holidays, when sites are effectively abandoned for weeks at a time.

With over 40 years of professional security experience, we have seen many incidents on unsecured sites ranging from theft and damage, through to death from people accessing sites and being involved in an accident. It is critical that site managers have the correct level of security, not only for insurance compliance and asset protection, but also from a legal standpoint.


Our CCTV technology solutions are an ideal way to secure your site during the winter months. Here’s why –

Physical deterrent

Our CCTV towers stand at 5-7 metres tall and provide the ultimate deterrent against trespassing. Live audio response can be issued immediately to any intruders on site.

Night vision

Our cutting-edge night vision technology harnesses the power of advanced imaging algorithms and infrared technology to deliver crystal-clear vision in the darkest of environments.

Alarm Receiving Centre

Our ARC team manage and protect over 1,200 properties and sites throughout the UK each year 24/7. Our experienced operators have direct Police control room access and can bypass 999 services, saving valuable seconds in the event of an onsite situation.

Accidents on-site

Potential hazards can be tracked on camera via our ARC team, alerting customers of potential dangers. Any sign of intrusion or accidents will be immediately reported to the local authorities for action.

Our Portal

Our online portal not only gives customers the ability to access reporting data, but they can also remotely operate cameras and check activity on-site. This is particularly ideal during holidays as it saves site managers significant time checking the site manually.


Our towers represent a cost saving of up to 75% against using physical guards alone. Our CCTV solutions don’t require a break or sustenance and have an average 99.6% uptime which is far more efficient than any human could ever be.

We’re here to help

Our tailored solutions are designed to help site managers protect their property, whilst also complying with insurance requirements. To make sure your site is secured in time for the holidays, please fill out our contact form below for a free site survey or advice on securing your site today. 


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