The police provide a key service across the UK to protect people in our communities, and over the past 35 years we have provided support back in several ways.

Orbis provides specialist crime scene cleaning services to the police sector. We work rapidly and thoroughly and get the job done to the highest standards. Our clients have peace of mind that our work is safeguarding their reputation as well as the health and safety of their staff and the public. We adhere to strict standards of confidentiality.

We also have experience delivering services including: decontaminating and deep cleaning crime scenes, vehicles, cells, protest sites, as well as forensic cleaning of victim Suite/SARC facilities, SOCO drying rooms, and lone worker protection.

We care about the standard of work we deliver, our deep cleaning and decontamination work is done to the highest standards and is accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Our staff are fully trained, equipped and screened according to the British standard BS7858 as well as being fully backed by insurance cover.

Our police sector cleaning specialists are on call 24/7 providing rapid response to any situation.

Orbis also deliver emergency wood boarding work for the Police and Crime commissioners throughout the UK. The service Orbis deliver is the installation of wood boards 24/7 365 days a year, the police contact us to secure any property or building that they find unsecure or broken into, we will also secure properties and buildings that the police have raided.

The police benefit from our speed and efficiency in getting to the address quickly, freeing up officers from the site so they can complete other task, Orbis handle all the administration and billing on behalf of the police.

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