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RedAlert 1100 Lone Worker Device

Tried and tested solutions for your lone workers

Programmed Phone Book

Store up to 20 contacts, so you can reach the people you need in a flash

Fully Featured

Fall Detection, Immediate Support, Easy Access to Contacts, GPS, No Movement Tracking and more.

Our Powerful and Versatile Device Specifically Designed for Lone Workers

The BS8484 Certified RedAlert 1100 Series is an ideal solution for staff who also require a basic mobile phone. The device features GPS technology allowing us to identify the users location in an emergency. It comes with four remotely configurable dial buttons and one emergency call button, a design which enables users to call contacts in a very quick and convenient way.

GPS Accuracy

Advanced assisted GPS positioning engables our operators to locate a member of staff and provide real-time positional information via our management portal.


Two Way Audio

In the event of an activation, two-way enables our trained operators to listen to the user’s situation. If safe to do so, our operator can talk with a user, providing reassurance that help is on the way.

Roaming Sim Card Capability

Access to all major networks is possible using our roaming SIM meaning those areas were in the past where you may have struggled to receive a network signal may now cause you no issues.

Phonebook Capability

With an inbuilt phone book, it is possible to make and receive calls from the device possibly replacing the need for a 2nd mobile phone.


Visual Display

With a nice clear display, you can quickly determine such thing as battery life and network signal.


Red Alert Functionality

A dedicated Red Alert button which when pressed put you in direct contact with the Orbis Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), allowing real-time situation awareness and response.


Amber Alert Functionality

By leaving a pre-recorded message about the task at hand you can safe in the knowledge that Orbis will know exactly where you are if you require their assistance.

Non Movement & Fall Detect

In the event of a user becoming incapacitated, the service can trigger an alert which will be picked up by our Alarm Receiving Centre

Stay With Me Service

For many people, the fear of being confronted can feel as difficult as something happening. That’s why we include a completely free pre-emptive monitoring service in all our contracts. Find out more

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last?

Up to 72 hours under normal environmental conditions.

Am I able to see where my staff are?

Both current and historical positional information if available from within our customer management portal

How do you handle Red Alert alarms?

Red Alerts are handled in accordance with BS8484 meaning that the highest level of care and attention is given to all Red Alerts received by the Orbis Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Latest technology and continual review of procedures combined ensure that help is available when required.

What are the four numbered buttons on the front of the device?

These four buttons are designated speed dial buttons.  The number 1 button will always be programmed as your Amber Alert but buttons 2, 3 and 4, can be programmed with any number you require from your phonebook

So I can make calls using the phonebook, but am I able to receive calls?

Yes, if a call is made to the device it will ring just as your mobile phone would.  To answer the call simply press the green answer button.

Why use a BS8484 device instead of just calling 999 on a phone?

There are several benefits of using a BS8484 service such as the Red Alert 1100. For example, a BS8484 service has quick access to police assistance using a URN procedure. It also helps protect against litigation in the event of an incident happening.  Overall it improves user safety and acts as a benchmark when selecting a reputable supplier.