"Orbis provides a good quality service. If we have a problem with the maintenance of a property then Orbis will always respond quickly and correctly."

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Vacant Property Maintenance and Regeneration

Keeping neighbourhoods secure, safe and tidy

Orbis’ acclaimed vacant property maintenance services help to reduce security related vacant property problems and areas marked for regeneration. We work in partnership with many social landlords and emergency services to help keep areas safe, clear and clean.

Our maintenance services cover the whole vacant property lifecycle. Once our experts have undertaken an initial property inspection, we provide a comprehensive vacant property maintenance programme, designed to ensure that your properties are secure, compliant and cared for.

Orbis’ inspections highlight potential risks to vulnerable properties, small repairs are undertaken immediately by our trained teams to maintain the standard within the area, real-time updates provided within our vacant property management portal Aura. While any larger projects are discussed with the property owner. This way, we maintain the value and re-let potential of the empty property and ensure the landlord’s statutory obligations are met.

Vacant Property Maintenance - Street in Liverpool boarded up waiting for regeneration

Other Vacant Property Maintenance Services

With the rise of weather related damage to properties, it is now be more difficult than ever to maintain vacant properties in increasingly challenging conditions. Orbis’ rapid response teams have handled many of these situations, including:

Adverse Weather Damage

Fire Damaged Building with Windows blown out blackened by smoke

Fire Damage

In 2017 over 80,000 fires were started deliberately (Gov UK)

Property submerged in water from Flooded waters

Flood Damage

Over five million people in the UK live or work in areas at risk from coastal or river flooding (Aviva UK)

Tree torn apart by stormy winds - gale force

Storm Damage

According to ABI statistics, the average cost of a flood per property is £50,000

Pipe burst from freezing cold weather - water damage

Freezing Conditions

According to ABI the average cost of water damage claims has risen by 31%

Fencing Repairs

Heras Fencing

a straight-forward and easily deployable solution that is suitable for a variety of situations.

Hoarding Fencing

Constructed largely from wood, this fencing provides a visually pleasing security solution for sites that are in development.

Palisade Fencing Spikes

Palisade Fencing

Galvanized metal stakes provide an optimum sense of security for all types of sites. This solution has been used extensively by Orbis to provide perimeter protection

3D Fencing

3D Nyloflor®

this is the ideal solution for schools and public buildings where a medium level of security is required, without being obtrusive.

Vacant Property Management - Aura by Orbis - Customer on Property Management and Alarm Response audit trail portal

Property Management at your fingertips

Our vacant property management portal (Aura) provides real-time access to your properties, which includes full audit trails of alarm activations, actions taken and video & audio footage. In many cases, our customers and the police have used this information to secure convictions.

this useful tool also helps our customers:

  • Schedule work
  • View work status
  • View property information in real-time
  • View before & after photographs of work
  • Manage Invoices
  • Upload client specific documents

Get in touch

Since 1981 Orbis has continued to innovate, invest and lead. With a clear commitment to our customers to deliver exceptional quality and value, Orbis is the market leader providing property and people protection in a range of sectors with a diversified client base, and we have the credentials to back our excellent service.

We have branches across the UK who can assess your security requirements and provide quick quotations and deployment on site.

For support with upcoming or ongoing projects, send us a message and someone from your local area will be touch.

Other Supporting Services

Mould Removal - Man removing mould from wall and skirting board

Mould Eradication

National Consultative Mould Eradication service provider in the UK

Vacant Property & Site Security - Fitting Orbis Steel Screens

Steel Screens

Temporary and Permanent Property Security Solutions

Orbis Fitted Temporary Steel Screen and Door

Property Inspection

Reduce risks and stay up to date with your properties

Vacant Property Services - Vacant Property Cleaning & Clearance - Man throwing out bin bag - clearing a property

Clean and Clear

Vacant and Occupied Cleaning and Clearance Services

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