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Fencing repairs

Effective perimeter security provides the first line of defence against intruders. Whether you are a commercial or retail company, a school or college, a power or transport station or a public sector location, it is important to have good quality, effective perimeter protection in place, and even more so when the premises are empty.

Orbis provides a comprehensive range of perimeter security solutions to suit the simpler and straight forward customer requirements to extensive and complex perimeters. From metal fencing to wooden fencing; from fence repairing to fence installation and erection, Orbis provides advice, based on expertise and experience. The required style of fencing, what is on the other side, and a wide variety of scenarios are taken into consideration to find the best and safest solution for commercial fence repairs.

Fencing services supplied by Orbis include:

Heras® fencing – a quick, simple and easily deployable solution which can be used in a variety of situations, from protecting a disused site to repairing the perimeter protection following accidental or weather damage.

Hoarding – this mainly wooden fencing provides a visually pleasing security solution for sites that are in development by, for example, supermarkets or property management companies.

Palisade – galvanized metal stakes provide an optimum sense of security for all types of sites. This solution has been used extensively by Orbis to provide perimeter protection for Tesco sites.

3D Nyloflor® – is an ideal solution for schools and public buildings where a medium level of security is required to provide protection without being obtrusive.

Orbis’ range of high quality, short and long term, bespoke fencing solutions are installed after the specific site requirements have been established through site visits and risk assessments.

This provides our clients with added peace of mind that all insurers’ and legal requirements have been met.

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"Competent, proactive, professional"

We have had a lot of issues with previous companies that we've used. Orbis tend to resolve issues before they come to my desk, this is why we have been able to build up a good relationship with them.
- Bruce (South Lanarkshire Council)