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Vacant Property & Site Alarms

Unless professionally secured, empty properties are vulnerable to vandals, metal thieves and trespassers, a fact reflected in landlords’ insurance premiums. Our vacant property & site alarms are designed to protect buildings and internal fittings.

Our alarms are tamper-proof, constructed from vandal-resistant materials, operate for up to nine months on battery and are continuously monitored by Orbis’ own 24/7 Response Centre.

Local teams respond to alarm activation’s within an average of 20 minutes. Up to 32 additional wireless sensors can be added and sequential verification reduces the risk of false alarms.

Vacant Property & Site Alarms - Vacant property site alarms building

Our Vacant Property & Site Alarms

Vacant Property & Site Alarms - iTrap Intruder Alarm Collection - Vacant Property Alarm Collection


Temporary Radio Alarm Protection by Orbis, our leading cost-effective solution for vacant properties & sites alarms. Our iTrap collection includes a variety of internal and external alarms suited to property or sites. iTrap is the UK’s first remotely operated, radio-linked intruder alarm.


Key Features / Benefits
  • Internal and External Alarms
  • Keyless Door Entry (iDoor)
  • Remotely armed and disarmed
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Short or long term hire
  • Nationwide Rapid Response
  • Guard Enhancement
  • Fully Accredited Service

Vacant Property & Site Alarms - Full Intruder Alarm System Collection - Videofied - Vacant Property Alarms


Vacant sites and properties are uncontrolled environments, so video verification is important to eliminate costly false alarms. Our alarms are rapidly deployed and can be moved site to site as risks evolve. Sensors have integrated cameras which generate 10 second video clips upon activation.


Key Features / Benefits
  • Indoor and outdoor protection
  • Video verification
  • Eliminates false alarms
  • Mains free panel and devices
  • Up to 4 years battery life
  • Rapid deployment capability
  • Guard enhancement
  • Simple system arm/disarm

How it works

As soon as movement is detected by our Videofied system, the alarm is triggered and the system automatically captures a 10 second recording.

Vacant Property Management - Aura by Orbis - Customer on Property Management and Alarm Response audit trail portal

Property Management at your fingertips

Our vacant property management portal (Aura) provides real-time access to your properties, which includes full audit trails of alarm activations, actions taken and video & audio footage. In many cases, our customers and the police have used this information to secure convictions.

this useful tool also helps our customers:

  • Schedule work
  • View work status
  • View property information in real-time
  • View before & after photographs of work
  • Manage Invoices
  • Upload client specific documents

Get in touch

Since 1981 Orbis has continued to innovate, invest and lead. With a clear commitment to our customers to deliver exceptional quality and value, Orbis is the market leader providing property and people protection in a range of sectors with a diversified client base, and we have the credentials to back our excellent service.

We have branches across the UK who can assess your security requirements and provide quick quotations and deployment of alarms on your properties and sites.

Send us a message and someone from your local area will be touch.

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Vacant Property Management - Aura by Orbis - Customer on Property Management and Alarm Response audit trail portal


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