Bluetooth Key Safe

Bluetooth Key Safe

Smart Access Control

Discover Smart
access control.

Do you manage access to occupied or unoccupied property?

We understand managing keys for multiple properties is a difficult and time-consuming task. If you are responsible for granting access to properties, you will likely have spent time doing the following:

Image of problems of managing access to multiple properties

Highest Level of Protection

LPCB LPS1175 Tested with Security Rating 2 and Police Accredited

Millions of Combinations

Stay secure with over 2 million code combinations with no chance of code manipulation

Take Back Control

Grant access remotely to authorised visits and get live notifications of properties

No more
missed visits.

No more unnecessary travelling to deliver keys or insecurely sharing codes.  

Provide on-the-spot access to approved visitors remotely and track the total duration of their stay. Our Bluetooth Key Safe also gives you the ability to generate unique one-day codes that will remain valid until midnight.

Key Safe Device and Smartphone App
Online Property Access Management Portal

More than just
a lock box.

Beyond key management, our solution provide detailed and accurate reports on visitors in and out of a property.

This useful feature of our online portal gives you eyes on your sites in the short term and helps you manage your portfolio in the long term so you remain audit ready.

LPCB and Secured by Design Key Safe

Exclusive to Orbis

Our new key safe is the first commercially approved, police accredited Bluetooth electronic key storage device rated to LPS 1175 level 2. 

Making it the most secure key available on the market.

Message the Team

Since 1981 Orbis has continued to innovate, invest and lead. With a clear commitment to our customers to deliver exceptional quality and value, Orbis is the market leader providing property and people protection in a range of sectors with a diversified client base, and we have the credentials to back our excellent service.

We have branches across the UK who can assess your security requirements and provide quick quotations and deployment on site.

Send us a message and someone from your local area will be touch.

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