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CCTV Towers

Orbis’ Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are the highest quality available on the market. Our Towers can be deployed quickly across the UK and Northern Ireland.

This welcome addition provides ever-smarter ways to protect vulnerable sites, combining cutting-edge technology and service to give you the peace of mind that your assets are being well taken care of even when you’re not there.

In fact, compared to more traditional forms of security it could actually save you money!

Our Towers are the most advanced in the industry, with every one being fully integrated and constantly developed with the latest in cutting-edge technology to protect your assets.

Orbis can offer rapidly deployment anywhere in the UK, making our range of towers the perfect choice to protect you and your assets, no matter your situation.



Download our documents below to find out more about our rapidly deployed CCTV solutions.

Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower

CCTV Tower Datasheet

CCTV Tower Case Study

CCTV Tower Case Study

Comparison between Man Guarding and CCTV Towers

CCTV Towers vs Man Guarding

CCTV Lite Tower


























Features and Benefits

Our rapid deployable towers come with tons of features and benefits to secure your site and protect your assets, here are a few of what we believe are some of the key features that make our towers unique in the marketplace.


Features Benefits
Up to 100 hours of back up battery ZERO evening and weekend power required and eliminates tower failure for generator sites
HD Predator Camera with STARVIS night vision Technology Advanced camera quality in daylight or darkness
8m Mast, LED Spotlight & Audio Challenge including police siren Maximum intruder deterrent technology and striking physical appearance
Completely Wireless Detection System Connect up to 64 wireless sensors for maximum perimeter coverage included in every package
24/7 SSD Recording with Expandable Memory Up to 30 day, time and date stamped footage retrieval downloads
Up to 1km Peripheral Detection Range Up to 10x more powerful than any other system on the market
Fully Monitored Category II 24/7 365 monitoring station fully accredited to BS5979 and BS8484
Live Camera Access via Smartphone App and Web Browser Simple to setup and free access to view and control your cameras, anytime, anywhere


CCTV Towers Image Gallery

High Definition Camera Quality


HD Camera Quality

HD Zoom Quality (Zoom on red circle)

Hybrid CCTV Towers Option


Hybrid CCTV Tower – No Mains Required – Solar and H2 Gas


What if my site has no power?


We can offer a fully featured option which is engineered to operate independently through a combination of Solar Power and H2 Gas.

Our custom engineered Solar Panels fit securely onto the base of our tower, making our towers more resistant to adverse weather conditions.

By utilising solar energy to charge the tower’s batteries during daylight hours, this enables us to reduce the H2 gas requirement to an emergency power source only, making our towers environmentally friendly.





Time Lapse Video

We offer the ability to create time-lapse videos showing how your site progresses over time, This feature comes free of charge with all our towers.


For a free no obligation demonstration of our CCTV Towers or other products and services, please complete the quick contact form above.

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