Key Management

"Orbis are just fantastic, they pick up the keys very quickly, but are also quick to hand them back as soon as possible, invoices are also good. "

Ian Williams Ltd

Vacant Property Key Management

Do you know where all your keys are? do you know who the last person in your property was, and how long they stayed for? Our ‘one key for all locks’ solution revolutionises the way organisations manage key holding, engineer visits and more.

Keys are a simple device, yet they cause many problems if they are not managed effectively, including:

  • Tracking their whereabouts
  • Waiting for keys to be returned
  • Travelling to collect keys
  • Replacing lost or stolen keys
  • Unauthorised access to secure data
  • Authorised access within unauthorised times

Exclusive to Orbis, eMAKS (Electronically Managed Access Key Systems) provide a “one key for all locks”  solution that will also operate alarms.

eMAKS - Key Holding - One key surrounded by multiple keys Electronically Managed Access Key System

How does eMAKS work?

Each key is electronically encrypted so that when used with eMAKS locks you can control what locks open and when. This can be managed through a simple phone call. The eMAKS key holding solution involves:

Simple Activation in Minutes

To program a key just call our 24/7 response centre who will update the authorisation. The key can be activated quickly locally via a laptop, or remotely via a PDA.

Timed Access

eMAKS can be programmed to work within specific periods, so if you are expecting a contractor to visit, then you can program to allow access only in a specific time.

Access Reports

Each entry and exit to the building (allowed or denied) is recorded and reported via the eMAKS key. Reports are generated when the key is inserted in the port.

One Key for All Locations

One key can be programmed to work with hundreds of locks, enabling you to grant access to multiple locations without needing to return to the office.

Easy Management

Codes and access reports enable managers to have a clear picture of their properties daily visits and how long each job take. this increases efficiency with invoicing.

No Need to Change the Locks

eMAKS keys can be de-programmed quickly by calling the Orbis 24/7 Response Centre.

Swap Back Easily

No wiring or batteries are needed so locks are completely portable. Normal locks can be replaced by eMAKS locks and key systems.

Increased Security

eMAKS locks cannot be picked and cannot be duplicated

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Since 1981 Orbis has continued to innovate, invest and lead. With a clear commitment to our customers to deliver exceptional quality and value, Orbis is the market leader providing property and people protection in a range of sectors with a diversified client base. And we have the credentials to back our excellent service.

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