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Orbis and SelectaDNA

The ultimate crime deterrent

The best possible security solution is always to deter crime from happening in the first place. With over 40 years of industry experience, our security systems are purpose-built to provide an effective criminal deterrent through our range of towers, alarms, fencing and security guarding services.

Through our partnership with Selectamark, a global leader in forensic marking technologies, we can now offer our customers a SelectaDNA security solution that not only acts as an effective additional deterrent, but also aids in the retrieval of valuable assets.

Selectamark’s award-winning solutions use a uniquely coded synthetic DNA solution – known as SelectaDNA – to mark and identify assets, critical infrastructure, and the criminals themselves. It has proven results in the deterrence of theft, burglary, and robbery, as well as helping the Police secure convictions. SelectaDNA is one of the most powerful and internationally recognised crime prevention solutions available today.

Selectamark currently work with all Police forces throughout the UK to help prevent crime and has been highly successful in reducing burglaries and thefts by up to 83%. Through a mixture of widely recognised warning signage, Police partnerships, and community awareness campaigns, SelectaDNA has become a well-known brand, respected by Police forces, and much feared by criminals.

By combining our range of advanced security products with SelectaDNA solutions, we can provide our customers with the ultimate deterrent and an unprecedented level of protection against crime.

Why choose Orbis with SelectaDNA?


    • Significantly increases the deterrent factor when combining Orbis solutions with SelectaDNA products and warning signage
    • Orbis solutions and SelectaDNA products provide a much higher chance of capturing criminals and retrieving assets when applied together
    • Managing multiple services under one point of contact saves time and administration cost
    • When applying SelectaDNA products, we can manage the product registration process and any following actions


Solutions for all situations

SelectaDNA Intruder Spray

Our advanced alarm solutions can now be paired with a SelectaDNA Intruder Spray system. Once triggered, the spray will soak intruders in a solution containing a unique DNA code and UV tracer which can be used as evidence for identifying and prosecuting offenders. This spray system can also be used in conjunction with our Sentry Protect system.

SelectaDNA Grease

This solution is perfectly suited for the protection of highly valuable assets which are vulnerable to theft, such as lead roofing, copper piping or high value cabling. When handling marked goods, the grease instantly transfers onto hands and clothing, remaining on skin and clothing for weeks, even after washing, irrefutably linking the perpetrator to the crime scene.

SelectaDNA Gel

This type of gel is used to identify criminals tampering with property or gaining illegal access to premises. The clear gel transfers onto the hands and clothing of a thief upon contact, forensically linking them to the crime scene. The gel has been specifically designed for indoor use and is ideal to use on door handles, sills, tills, safes and other indoor access points and equipment.

SelectaDNA Property Marking Kit

We offer a full range of property marking solutions that are ideal for individuals, schools, businesses, hospitals, and councils to protect assets and belongings. SelectaDNA combines its unique DNA coding with microdot technology which not only reduces crime and property theft but also enables police to link criminals to crime scenes and secure convictions.

SelectaDNA MetallicDNA

MetallicDNA spray is used for the protection and identification of valuable cable, metals, stone and outdoor equipment. The unique security and identification features of MetallicDNA, make it ideal for wide-scale use across many market sectors.

Secure Asset Register

SelectaDNA codes are recorded onto the SelectaDNA Police and Insurance approved database so that a code found on an asset, property or criminal can be identified back to a specific owner or location.

Orbis Key Benefits


  • Over 40 years’ experience securing properties and site for a wide range of customers
  • Technologically advanced range of security products to suit all environments
  • Free site survey to advise on the most efficient and cost-effective solution
  • 24/7/365 monitoring through our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) team
  • Significantly reduce upfront costs by renting, rather than purchasing
  • All maintenance included within the rental agreement
  • A truly national service team that can be rapidly deployed to any UK or Northern Ireland location

SelectaDNA Key Benefits


  • SelectaDNA acts as a solid deterrent, reducing theft and burglaries by 83%
  • Brand and warning signage are widely recognised amongst criminals and also police forces
  • Selectamark work with all Police forces throughout the UK to prevent crime and deter burglaries and thefts
  • Each SelectaDNA property marker and spray contains a unique DNA code. These codes allow police to identify property, recover assets and link criminals to the crime
  • Fully tested and accredited forensic marking solutions and asset register database
  • Police and insurance approved
  • Proven technology to convict criminals
  • Invisible marking technology
  • Provides evidential tagging



Kinetic Demolition

“In addition to the latest technology they provide, we are always delighted by their responsiveness and the second nature of their safety culture. I will continue to use Orbis for any upcoming projects.”

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