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Time-Lapse Video

High definition time-lapse included with our CCTV

Orbis provides the high quality time-lapse software as an additional benefit to our site security CCTV Towers.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our affordable high definition time-lapse helps you capture and manage your project’s key moments whilst also ensuring that your site is protected 24/7.

Time-Lapse Video

Particularly within the construction industry, project managers often use expensive time-lapse services to detail the progress of the project to key stakeholders or investors.

At Orbis, we offer this service free of charge when hiring any Ultra CCTV towers.

Our technologically advanced towers ensure that incredible HD time-lapse footage is available in an instant. Take a look at our video to see our time-lapse service in action.

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Kinetic Demolition

“In addition to the latest technology they provide, we are always delighted by their responsiveness and the second nature of their safety culture. I will continue to use Orbis for any upcoming projects.”

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