Local Authority

Security for Local Authorities

Orbis has been delivering our tailored solutions successfully to Councils and Local Authorities for over 37 years as evidenced by 94% of our customers saying they would recommend us to others. We are the vacant property services experts delivering a one-stop-shop solution to reduce turnaround times, ensuring our clients meet their occupancy targets in the most cost-effective way, allowing them to focus valuable time and resources on their core business.

Our understanding of this sector has been achieved by building local relationships and working with our clients, getting to know their aims and needs so that we can help them deliver for their tenants.

Additionally Orbis is also a proud member of several national framework agreements such as: Efficiency East Midlands, LHC, Fusion 21, ESPO and PFH.

We employ around 500 people from the local communities in which we work. We ensure our workforce are expertly trained and qualified to work in roles from depot-based administrators to multi-skilled operatives. This commitment to our employee’s personal development has led to most our workforce staying with us for several years.

We are a full accredited nationwide vacant property security company with a local focus.

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