Orbis Exhibiting at Procure 4 Health July 2017

P4H is the leading procurement event for health services in the UK, designed to promote and support the ongoing NHS efficiency objectives. The event is attended by over 1200 key decision makers in the sector.

The event showcases skills development, collaboration and best practices. The event provides visitors an unrivalled opportunity to engage directly with interactive and educational features aligned to support procurement initiatives, both at national and trust level.

Orbis has delivered many different services to the NHS for many years. This year we will be showcasing our lone worker protection solutions. Our range of Lone Worker Solutions currently supports over 25,000 at-risk employees across the UK and are monitored day and night by our BS5979 Cat II / BS8484 Alarm Receiving Centre.

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Orbis Announce New Monitoring Services Director

Orbis are very pleased to welcome Shaun Wilcock who has joined Orbis in the role of Monitoring Services Director. Shaun has 15 years’ experience in leading technology businesses within both IT and security markets. He previously held positions including CTO at Teledata and Head of Technology at Reliance.

Shaun’s appointment to Orbis brings on board a wealth of experience in delivering projects including the NHS Lone Worker Framework, Safe Estates Void Property Monitoring, ISO27001 Information Security Management Accreditation and overall IT integration and automation.

Shaun has successfully grown two BS5979 Cat II security monitoring businesses. He sees his introduction to the business as an opportunity to leverage his experience to bring on board new products and services, apply operational delivery discipline and streamline business processes through the effective use of IT systems.

Shaun says: “I am excited and honoured at the opportunity to lead Orbis’ monitoring services, one of the UK’s market leaders in void property and lone worker solutions. Orbis’ leading position coupled with my background will create a formidable force, providing an exciting roadmap ahead. I look forward to realising our vision together”.