London’s rise in Pests left with Local Authorities

Pests have been in news recently with the headline “London councils receive 100 rat and mouse complaints every day” the article suggests that around 186,000 reports of rodents have been logged in the capital since 2012. The Mayor of London’s office stated that pest control and refuse collection is a matter for local authorities.

Pest problems not only present a hygiene issue and the possibility of legal penalties for Social, Private and Commercial Property Managers, they could also cause significant structural damage which can be costly and dangerous.

Orbis’ specialist Pest Control Teams offer nationwide provide same-day response and preventive services to ensure your properties remain safe, legal and pest-free.

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Legal Responsibility

Penalties for the inadequate handling of a pest problem by those responsible for the building could include a £20,000 fine or up to six months in prison.

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Key Benefits of Orbis Pest Control Service Teams


Are you a member of the Efficiency East Midlands (EEM) Framework?

Orbis scored 100% quality when appointed to the EEM Framework for Vacant Property Cleaning and Clearance. This framework also includes the following ad hoc call-off services:

EEM Framework of Services and Location

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Benefits of Using the Framework



This Framework is fully compliant with UK Procurement Regulations and the EU Procurement Directive. We’ve undertaken the procurement work so you don’t have to.

Quick & Simple to use

There’s no need to run a full EU tender and EEM will manage the process on your behalf where required

Approved Contractors

All Contractors have already been assessed during the framework tender process for their experience, financial stability, Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity and working practices

Ongoing Support

Members will have ongoing support during the call off contract from both the EEM Procurement Team and Projects Officer. We can attend kick start meetings, review meetings and assist with the completion of the contract documentation.

Competitive Pricing

All pricing is fixed for the first agreed period of the Framework and where possible fixed from April to March each year to give certainty within each financial year period. EEM will manage and negotiate all price increases to ensure fair application across our Members


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