Getting away this Easter? Top tips to secure your property over the holidays

Approximately six million homes last year were left empty over the Easter weekend. It is therefore important to protect your property whilst you’re away enjoying your holiday. Orbis is the leading empty property protection specialist in the UK and has been protecting and securing empty properties for over 37 years.

To help avoid your property from being the target of theft or damage this weekend we thought we would share with you some top tips to help protect your property!

Top tips:

1/ Secure your property by locking all windows and doors sounds obvious, but it’s crucial to double check and then check again! Insurers may not take your claim seriously if the criminal was able to access your property without any struggle.

2/ Leave your curtains and blinds open, nothing tells potential opportunists that you are away like closed curtains and blinds during the day.

3/ Cancel or amend any milk or newspapers and other regular deliveries which may be left outside of your property.

4/ Befriend your neighbours, one that isn’t going away for the weekend! This helps give you an extra pair of eyes and ears over your property whilst you’re away, if you’re comfortable you could even borrow them a key to go in turn on your lights or water your potted plants. If you’re not the social type, you can sign up to a neighbourhood watch scheme if there is one in your area.

5/ Cut your grass and secure any furniture or other items in your garden, other than the obvious risk that someone will steal your belongings, freshly cut grass and a clean garden is a good deterrent.

6/ Don’t tell the world you’re going away, it’s always tempting to share the great news that you’re getting away to somewhere beautiful for the weekend, however social media can be like an advertising tool for criminals, though if you absolutely have to shout about it be sure to check your privacy setting to see who can see your posts.

7/ If you’re tech savvy, make use of apps! There are several apps on the market for smartphones and other devices that will turn on your lights and even activate your home’s alarm system if you have one.

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